Unless You’re From Another Planet… Let’s Face It… We’re All In Recovery!

Watch this quick video to understand what I mean when I say that we’re all in RECOVERY…

If I tell you that getting what you desire – Happiness, Freedom, Money, Meaning, Love – doesn’t have to be hard…

but that the first step is to ACCEPT there are certain things not clear in your mind right now and you need the wisdom and ability of someone, outside of yourself like me, to assist you…

Are you WILLING to open up to a new possibility of something greater in your life?

HOW much longer can you deal with the fact that you KNOW that I can help you start doing something completely different today to put a stop to your struggles and suffering… but you are NOT trusting your gut feeling?

I know what it’s like… I spent more than 10 years ‘trying hard’ to solve the problems in my life from the same mind that created the problems… until someone asked me,

“Knowing that you are not happy right now… what will happen to you if you continue in the same direction you are without the ability to break this vicious cycle?”


So for the next few minutes I want you to STOP everything else that you’re doing and pay very close attention to what I’m going to tell you…

Or are you going to do what I did for over 10 years and push away the possibility for your powerful change?

You can either keep trying really ‘hard’ to figure all this out on your own or you can allow me to assist you at getting a fresh perspective that will give you the information you need to get to the REAL issue behind all the other crap… to make your life WAY EASIER and make TREMENDOUS progress FASTER than you ever have before!

Recovery requires Solutions

All you need is access to my simple 3 step process, Recycling The Human Potential, that’s been used and proven time after time to help many people break free from the unconscious programming and conditioned reactions that are holding you back from living the Life that YOU dream, desire and absolutely deserve.

It’s so common… no matter who they are or what they’re going through… I hear people say the same thing to each other… “Things are going to get better”

NOTHING is going to get better… unless you take new different action today!

I Get it! The FEAR is so big that even though you feel completely STUCK… like so many others, you’re hoping that somehow things are going to get better.

This is the ego tricking you… the chances are very slim to none… because the ego is so sneaky that it makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE to truly detect the crap through the deletion filters within your own mind. It’s hard to make sense of it and it doesn’t seem fair, but that’s they way it is.

It comes down to this… regardless of the innate intelligent you possess… you’re still facing this dilemma that’s keeping you from living fully…

Are you prepared for the consequences of continuing to put yourself and those around you through this continued suffering?

Divorce 1

Too many times I’ve seen tremendous HEARTED people, just like YOU, crash so hard despite the greatest intentions.

Right now as you read this, people of all ages and backgrounds, people just like YOU, destroying their lives with one bad decision after another…

One moment saying, “I want this so bad – this is so important to me that I am willing to do whatever it takes to overcome my situation” and the next thought or action completely contradicts what you just said.

And then once again, despite your whole hearted desire, you’ll continue going round and round desperately totally UNAWARE of what is creating and attracting all the pain and suffering that you say you’re so tired of experiencing.

And I’ve also seen the power of the human Spirit overcome and achieve powerful transformations that alter the course of your life forever!

Gana Dinero Ayudando Family

I believe in the power of synchronicity and Divine timing… that’s why you arrived here and are still here reading through this page… now you know the TRUTH about the problems you’re facing… the choice is yours…

either you continue longer on the painful path you’re slowly walking… or you run excitedly because you now have access to my expertise of years of experience that will help you avoid wasting anymore time and effort… when now you know the reality is you no longer have to.

Remember I am the guy who 24 years ago couldn’t stay sober for one day… and today, I have the most amazing family, I’m living an extraordinary thriving life, and I love making a difference in the world.

It all started with one decision to let someone else help me!

I believe in you… I have complete confidence that YOU can do this!

Now it’s your turn to make the same empowered decision… to let someone help you!

yes-boxDarsana I definitely want to get started with my Individual Coaching Services today!


Unleash your potential,

Darsana Roldan





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