The Huge Misconception Around Men’s Feelings

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor E. Frankl 

No one knows what goes on in another person’s mind, no matter how close you think you may be. And definitely, no one knows what a man is feeling at any particular moment, because our relationship with feelings are nothing but threatening, inaccurate and misunderstood. To say the least.

But there are things that perhaps if you grow to understand and experience, will help you achieve greater results in your life. And I’m talking about the results that significantly matter. The ones that bring you deeper meaning and let you live in peace every day, with little or no regrets at all.

I would never have thought that one day I will be mentoring other men in recognizing the tremendous powers withIN their feelings. Perhaps that’s the reason I can relate to so many of them, because where I came from, feelings were not something you even talked about with anyone. Men were supposed to be strong, courageous, smart, but showing your feelings was never included in anyone’s definition.

I think at an early age, I decided unknowingly, that I was better off disconnecting from all of them. Feelings just seem so useless and painful anyway, why not just make up in my head what I thought I needed to feel when ever the opportunity showed up.

For the next few decades I heard questions like, How can you do that to me? Don’t you care? Don’t you get it? That’s only a few of the things I’ve chosen to remember, because disconnecting from my real feelings obviously had some purpose during my upbringing, but it threw me into a loop for a very long time after that.

Here is the thing, life has a way of knowing better than you do, the best possibilities for you to take the journey, that eventually will take you to what you signed up to do. I did what I had to do, to be where I am at today. And I am at peace with that!

Did I read a book, attend a seminar or wake up one day knowing everything I needed to know about my relationship with these things people called feelings? I wish I did.

A bad day for your ego is a great day for your soul. Let’s say I had my share of bad days for the ego.

Most men grow the most when we are presented with great challenges. When everything is running parallel, even if it’s not up to our standards and potential, most men, make very little intent to push themselves inwardly.

On the other side of the spectrum, whenever we are blinded by an unexpected crisis (of the kind of things that challenge our integrity, values and security), a sudden commitment to overcome rises to meet the challenge and that’s when I found myself opening the door to my relationship with the F word again!

Could that mean that our egos are lazy and are comfortable with repetitive thought patterns and our Souls are hard workers leading us to make greater connections with our feeling powers? 

Does it mean we are meant to naturally thrive inwardly, instead of outwardly in order to unleash our true potential?

These are some valuable and meaningful questions, but obviously not the kind you will hear most men talk about. Perhaps that’s the reason why so many men continue to become more frustrated, bored, hopeless, addicted, etc. regardless of their socio-economic status?

Many years ago, it became apparent to me that the most important reason I was so grateful to have made so much money at a fairly young age, was because having money made me realize that the belief my ego held over me throughout my earlier years, was a big lie.

That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with money per se, it just means that as long as you don’t have it, your mind has you believing that getting it, is not only your number one goal in life, but it’s the reason why you aren’t feeling so happy, enthusiastic, grateful about your life. That’s not true.

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.” Jim Carrey

When you have it, and it doesn’t do the trick, for as long as you thought it should, then you realize that the journey you must take is actually inward! And the best way that I know to take on that journey is to re-connect with your feelings.

BTW! This will work for the man dealing with financial issues, as well as for the one who is not. Both desired results depend extremely on developing a tangible plan. A plan that includes using your Superior mental faculties in collaboration with your emotional powers.

So it’s not that we don’t care, don’t get it or don’t want to accept accountability… 

It goes way beyond what so many people understand. We are dealing with a MISCONCEPTION that has gone generation after generation, and in ways and levels deeper than we are able to recognize.

This is what I have been able to reveal and confirm…

What most people call feelings, are just pre-programmed responses and reactions based on our memories, beliefs, interpretations, of not only our entire life individually, but the collective mentality of all humanity as well. They are not the real energy in motion as true feelings are.

Therefore, reconnecting is not complicated at all. In fact you can easily do it, but the challenge comes after, when your mind comes in to invalidate your  emotional experiences and have you believing you are making it up.

The challenge I see with most men, is lack of discipline and consistency in living and developing their ability to connect to such force. In order to transcend the programming, you have to keep living in the inward direction. Meaning to connect with your feelings as you discover the extent of life in you and around you. One more thing. You must have a plan for when unexpected relapse into old habits happen. And they will, at least for a while.

Feelings are the most powerful force in the Universe, but they can ONLY do for you, what they can do thru YOU!

Unleash your potential,


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