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Looking for a passionate, smart and dynamic speaker or trainer for your next event? You’re in the right place. I {occasionally accompanied by my beautiful wife} have been empowering audiences of all sizes and ages for more than twenty years, through my speaking and training. From private leadership gatherings, education and business trainings, to 300+ entrepreneur conferences, and worldwide through my BlogTalk Radio Show, I share valuable insights and lessons about the power of the mind, soulful success, conscious leadership, innovating ourselves, addiction recovery, the inward journey, false identities, empowered relationships, entrepreneurship, and the Bigger Picture.

I’m one of the most engaging and memorable speakers you’re likely to find, because I give from my heart in a combination of inspiration, education and actionable content all at the same time, that ignites your audience to see their life in a whole new perspective, to become the person they most deeply want to be.

Whether speaking or training, I’m happy to tailor my topics to fit your audience and event needs. Most of my speaking topics are also adapted to be a more in depth training. So the best thing to do is simply call me at 407-625-1255, that way we can discuss your specific scenario. My fee is dependent upon the nature of the topic, length of time and the forum. Travel and lodging are respective to the amount of time and complexity of the presentation.

Some of the Current Topics I Passionately Speak About

The Epidemic STOPS with the Millenials!

Yes, You CAN be both, Successful and Connected. You see things different than any other generation because you can’t ignore the voice inside, but you also know  there are certain things you want to have the money to experience.

It’s time to show the rest of the world that you can very much enjoy having the money to do and have the things you truly enjoy, and at the same time, genuinely BE the change you want to see in the world!

Let your life be your message to other generations that YOU no longer agree with any form of SEPARATION!

Having success, money and choices, doesn’t mean you have to accept being stressed and miserable, or a selfish person who doesn’t care about others, the animals and the planet.

There is a THRIVING CODE that allows you to BE both Successful and Connected and therefore the Epidemic STOPS NOW!


• Minimize and handle the pressure of trying to figure out what you really want
• BE you: define yourself and for yourself what success is for you
• Have courage to make the choices that are uniquely RIGHT for you {without the guilt of letting others down}
• Develop powerful resilience to handle the internal and external obstacles and challenges of life with grace and integrity
• BE the person deep inside you want to BE
• Activate the dormant forces within you to expand your perception of what you’re truly capable of, and successfully achieve all the most important things to your life, while having fun being the difference you came to be in this world

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