Short Story, Huge Lessons #4, A Different LOVE Story!

Short Stories, Huge Lessons #4A Different Love Story!!!

I once heard a story about a young boy, now a grown man, who was desperately looking for attention, or maybe it was love. I can’t remember. All I know is you may have more things in common with him, than you dare to discover.

The one thing most people don’t realize is that once you are neurologically developed, you can’t see the world like you once did as a child. In other words, “once you are a pickle, you can never be a cucumber”. The interesting phenomena is that although you see the world different as an adult, for the most part, you react to it like the child in you.

According to the people who knew him since he was younger, passion had been planted in this young boy’s heart and he used it like his life depended on it. Even as inspirational as it may sound, it was nothing like it for him, since it took all the joy out of his childhood. 

He didn’t just play sports, he became obsessed with being the best at everything he played. If that wasn’t enough to trigger unpleasant unconscious memories every time he couldn’t live up to his own perfectionism, self doubt and lack of self worth quickly did the rest. 

This spread like cancer cells into every aspect of his young life. He was that kid who argued with his teacher about the score of his test, although he received an A anyway. Nothing was good enough for him. 

The worst part was that although throughout his childhood and past his teenager years, competition and jealousy got the best of him, the disconnection he felt deep inside seemed to be growing bigger every day. He just didn’t know that, at least not yet in the story.

One summer day he was up in the mountains hiking with some college friends. As they approached this bridge they noticed what seemed like an abandoned bicycle. It didn’t take long before they saw a man down by the river fishing, so they figured he was the owner of the bike, and it all made sense.

But here is where he finally faced the one choice that will take him down the rabbit hole.  This could either take him into the depression path that so many others often take, or serve him as a bouncing board to a new set of possibilities driven by self accountability – the one that could definitely reshape the rest of his life.

Him and his friends had continued walking and have gone further away from the bridge, when all of a sudden he decided to run back, pick the bike up and throw it down into the river. 

He quickly ran and so did his friends. They ran as far as they could until they felt safe. As too often happens they all thought that what he did was both courageous and extremely funny. To his surprise, the attention he got was not worth how he felt about what he had done to the stranger he knew nothing about. 

On the drive back he had very little to say, and once they came into town, he went straight home. He tried doing a few things hoping the thoughts going thru his mind would stop, but soon the guilt and the shame felt unbearable. 

But this time he knew better and the last thing he wanted to do is to engage in any kind of drinking, or using any other drug. Even at what others may consider a young age, he had an intuitive feeling that something was about to happen to him and in order to grow, he had to be sober.  

That night turned into a long weekend. As it often happens when we are ready and willing to open ourselves to the greatest possibilities, his Soul orchestrated for him to be listening to a particular song that the lyrics reached straight into his broken heart, “what if at the end of your life your one regret is that you made everything more important than loving yourself”. 

He cried like a baby when he finally allowed the opening in his heart to be big enough to feel what has been hidden by his mind since he was a young boy. It was like he finally overcame the illusion of fear that was sucking the life out of him. For most people this was just one of those things that happened and they do little about it after, but for this young man, he had suffered enough and this was a glimpse to his destiny – one that he was not willing to let go of.

The moral of the story is that our Soul’s nature is to love unconditionally, but our human existence is to blindly seek out to find that ultimate connection in the outer world. The longer we continue to look in the wrong direction, the further we drift away from our destiny.  

Unless you make the  connection with your own Soul, which people often refer to as  “learn to love yourself first”, nothing will ever quench your Spiritual thirst, and you will be forced to chase beliefs disguised as true love for yourself or anyone else!!! 

Unleash your potential,


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