Short Stories, Huge Lessons #7, A FAMILY LOVE Story!

Short Stories, Huge Lessons #7A FAMILY LOVE Story!!!

I once heard a story that changed my life completely. And in the spirit of the holidays, I want to pass it forward with the highest intention that it does the same for you.

Let me start by saying that some of us have benefited tremendously from living a more conscious life than others, and the guy in the story that I’m about to tell you about, was better at doing this than anyone I have ever known.

So by the time this story took place, he had overcome so many obstacles to write a New York Times best seller book about it. And together with his wife, they had somehow survived some of the biggest challenges that often end up breaking many families apart all over the world daily, not to mention, deviate good hearted people so far from their true intentions and commitments, that they give up on themselves. 

“There is but one cause of human failure. And that is man’s lack of faith in his true Self.” William James

What I am trying to say is, that this family, and this guy, was not ordinary in any way. And everyone who knew them would easily testify to that. Their whole entire life was about being together as a family. But like all of us, the more he had, the more he wanted what he didn’t have. Assumptions are perfect at giving us the illusion that only if we could have the things we want, everything will be better. That works for many people, but not for this guy.

To make the story short, let’s just say, that they had the big beautifully decorated house, the luxury BMW’s and everything else that you can imagine. But unlike the typical Joneses, the only entertaining they ever did in their over sized designer home was when family visited them from out of state. They didn’t even do the occasional cocktail gathering with friends that most people do.

And the reason I mention this is because this is not one of those typical prodigal son stories. This is a story of deeper insights. One of them is that no matter how successful you perceive yourself to be in this life, none of that truly matters. You are here to live your life purpose, honor your highest calling, and live your destiny.

So one day (this is where it gets interesting and extremely insightful if you pay close attention to every detail), he had been giving so much attention, value and importance to his thoughts that he wasn’t feeling in alignment with his ultimate inner goal. Inevitably this was directly impacting his very lucrative and successful business. On this particular day, and the truth is no one knows for how long he had been neglecting his Soul, all he could think of was, “that he was having the worst day of his life.” 

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” Henri Bergson 

Anyone who has greater understanding and wisdom knows that when you already have greater awareness and you still get that far away from your Spiritual Destiny, the intelligence within all life has no other option than to get your attention, and it did!!!

All of the sudden, he started feeling sick. To the point that he had to cancel all his meetings and found himself quickly in bed. As he was laying there staring at the fancy faux paint treatment on his bedroom ceiling, his mind was becoming super active like it was preparing for a 100 meters dash race. Little did he know at the time, with every minute he spent believing these mind made fears and insecurities, he was literary disabling his natural abilities and destroying more cells than his immune system could repair at any given time.

This was not just one of those life lesson opportunities. By now he was beyond all that. Unknowingly he had signed up for the “get ready because this is about to get real” mastery program. 

The next thing he knew, it felt like he was fighting for his dear life. This whole thing went on for what seemed like an eternity to him. One moment he was sweating like he had just finished running a marathon and the next moment his teeth were painfully chattering as he lay there shivering with cold. It was so intense that at times he felt like his abdominal muscles along with his ribs were all going to rip!

His lovely wife kept changing the sweat soaked bed sheets of their cloud comfort bed while trying to make some sense of what seemed like scenes from an exorcist movie. Regardless of how healthy and nutritious the drinks and food was that she gave him, his body was not holding any of it. 

How long can the body withstand so much trauma and discomfort? And yet his mind kept trying to attribute names and reasons to what was essentially nameless and inexplicable.

“What worries you, masters you.” John Locke 

No one truly knows how long this went on, but it didn’t stop until he stopped thinking how could this be happening to him… instead he realized it was happening for him. Huge difference!!! Either his mind became quieter because he wasn’t paying anymore attention to it, or the voice internally became louder because he finally felted.

Unfortunately at this point he had put his body thru so much that it went into shock. It was almost like he was in some state of coma. His body was not able to move, while his mind was so still and quiet that allowed him to feel the Presence beyond all. 

Their master bedroom was located on the second floor of this massive house, but somehow he could hear his wife and children like a wind-chime on a windy day. Their voices were definitely vibrating at the same frequency of his heart because he could hear them from within.

As he was laying in bed he remembered that before this whole crazy thing had started he thought that ‘he was having the worst day of his life’, and now as he was unable to move at all, he would give anything and everything, including all the material stuff, just to have it all back the way it was a few days ago. 

Do you remember at the beginning of the story when I told you that this guy was a master at living consciously?  Well… from all the the choices he could have made in that moment, he chose to feel the language of his Soul… These are the real feelings, energies in motion transcending time and space.

“To live happily is an inward power of the soul.” Marcus Aurelius

He became Self Aware and in that level he felt content and in peace with all the choices he had made throughout his entire life. He also chose to feel the deeper love he had for his family. He connected to the joy he felt every time he played with his children. The passion he felt when making love to his wife. Without even knowing he had transcended his mind and entered into a different dimension of awareness!!! 

By the next day he had enough strength to move his head so he could look thru the floor to ceiling picture window in his bedroom… to see the dancing palm trees and infinite blue sky outside. With the corner of his eye he was able to spot and feel the energy of his good old friend, the dog who never left his side… “Life is truly the greatest gift. The gift that keeps on giving.”

Something within him was now awakened and he felt a deeper and richer appreciation for the world of senses. The same senses that just a few days ago he was neglecting to celebrate and explore deeply.

He wanted so bad to be able to get up from that bed, run down the stairs and pick his children up with his open arms so he could hug them against his chest, inhale their sweet smell and tell them how much he love them. He wanted so passionately to kiss his wife and thank her for helping him when he wasn’t able to help himself. He wanted to do so many things that just a few days ago seemed less important. “The simple things that made his life extraordinary.”

He then made a promise to himself never to take anything for granted.  That no matter how hard life challenges may be perceived by his egotistical mind, nothing will ever be more important than to enjoy his time here with his family, open himself to evolve from every experience that came his way (whether his mind perceive it as good or bad), and to use the awareness he had developed to help others widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the infinite greatness of the planet we call our home.

Some people die from things like this and somehow others get to live so they can share their insights.

In the language of the Souls you feel things that then you use your mind to articulate them. Such words have different meaning to each person’s mind who read them, but for the Souls it all comes down to this, “There is no higher calling than to thrive to become Self Aware of how grandiose we are and life truly is.” 

“I AM THAT I AM, THANK YOU”… became his new mantra and up to this day he has kept up the promise he made that day to himSelf. No one knows what’s in the cards for them, but only you have the choice to master your ability to make the best out of it. Who knows what it will be like after this life, but one thing seems more likely… “You are the Consciousness that you become and that’s the ONLY thing that you will be taking with you from this thing we call life.”


Unleash your potential, 


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