Short Stories, Huge Lessons #3, A TURNING POINT Story!

Short Stories, Huge Lesons #3A TURNING POINT STORY!!!

I once heard a story about a woman who had finally reached a point in which her survival, maternal instinct, over powered what seemed to others as an irrational, compulsive desire to stay with a man who was physically abusive to her and both of their children. 

And if you are wondering, yes he once made a vow to love her and protect her and all the other things that couples first say to each other when they haven’t grown enough internally to understand the real meaning of these words.

But things like that are easy to overlook, (maybe because we are all guilty of doing it) yet when it comes to children being physically abused, most people, if not all, have a soft spot for it. Perhaps these soft spots are triggers to our own childhood experiences, and are now disguised opportunities to relinquish our conscious or unconscious attachment to them.

According to her next door neighbor these violent occurrences happened in predictable cycles. One moment they looked like they had just come back from their honeymoon in Maui, then she would start hearing doors slam around their house and it wouldn’t take much longer before horrifying screams, followed by a few occasional police visits, will leave her wondering what else were her neighbors hiding behind their so called ‘American Dream life’. 

Probably because to the people in that suburban community he didn’t fit the stereotype of the abuser that the media portrays. He was a professional, financially wealthy man and a member of different organizations promoting family values within their community. 

But as I said earlier, her connection to her own Soul had created a gap big enough for her to have some mental clarity. She had reached out to an organization and her determination to take action was as clear as her confidentiality rights. No one knew the details, but she was not willing to find out if the threats he had made to her, only in the privacy of their own room, was just another attempt to keep her intimidated, or a warning sign that things could soon escalate because she was discovering how much of her inner power she was giving away to him.

The day had come, and all the parties involved were prepared. The moment he left for work that morning, they came to the house to take the kids, their essential personal belongings and help her follow through safely with the relocation plans. 

Something from within was allowing her to feel that nothing other people may think or say about her circumstances, or that all the uncertainty behind the financial ramifications that she had been anticipating in her mind, were more important than giving her self and their two young children the possibility of a greater life. This voice from within was now the main force motivating her to do what for a very long time seemed impossible.

As they were getting into the official vehicles she suddenly stopped. Although they all seemed concerned by her desire to go back into the house, they didn’t look surprised. 

What most people don’t know, and why they are so quick to judge others, is that fear and intimidation has been embedded within the human psychic for as long as we have been around.

This family was just another opportunity for all of us to realize that we are all interconnected. And what we see and call the physical world, is just a projection of our collective mentality as a race.

Whether or not she came back to the car that morning will not matter, unless she was able to transcend her own mind and discover her true nature. It’s so easy for people to allow their egos to look down at those who are going thru such extreme and dysfunctional challenges, but the truth was that she was definitely closer to discovering her destiny, than the billions of people skipping thru life unaware and disconnected, going after assumptions disguised as dreams.

The moral of the story is… Humanly speaking no one is perfect, and we all have ahead of us great opportunities for growth, but if you can’t naturally recognize that no one (specially you) deserves to be abused in any shape or form, including animals, you need to love yourself enough to reach out.

Be aware that even within systems and organizations, there are many people that give their own inner power away by reaffirming the same beliefs that keep so many in the same victim’s vicious cycles. When people are genuinely committed to helping others, they walk their talk because they soon realize that the best contribution anyone can make to this world is by the way you live your own life… Your own destiny. 

And as far as wanting to scapegoat her husband, I suggest you first re-evaluate your own beliefs and the choices you make regarding male privilege. The hardest thing for anyone is their own inability to accurately see the issues right in front of them. 

Women throughout our whole history have suffered tremendously in more ways and levels than most people want to know, therefore it’s going to take way more than sending a few men to certain programs to overcome such a huge issue in our world.

Unleash your potential,


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