Short Stories, Huge Lessons #2, A BELIEF Story!

Belief StoryA BELIEF STORY!!!

I once heard a story about a young man who at an early age began contemplating the idea of becoming a priest.

During his junior year in high school he decided to tell his parents. Of course, as you probably expected, they were thrilled and made sure everyone they knew heard the great news.

After he had completed his bachelor degree in Religion and he was now half way in his seminary program, (and after everyone else had made up their minds about what he was meant to do with his life), he realized that in order to truly  answer his calling, he would have to quit and take on a different journey. His own destiny. 

After all, there must be a purposeful and meaningful reason as to why there are almost seven billion people in this world, but everyone of us is uniquely different. 

He felt that the longer he continued on the path that he was on, the further he was drifting away from his own internal joy, compass, and his unique purpose in this thing we call life.

As shocking as it may seem to you and me, the people around him were devastated. Specially his family. They had been bragging about it for years and they were definitely not prepared for his decision.

Up to that point, he represented a double triumphant for them. Not only he was following the educational system path, (which obviously they believed in), but he had taken the Religious path as well. Whether it was intentional, or unknowingly, they were blindly attached to what it meant to them, and not to him.

The problem with that there is a great amount of religious believers who tend to go overboard and really ostracize themselves by dedicating too much to their overzealous beliefs. To the extreme, that many of them will do anything  to defend these beliefs and stories, even though they have no way of ever knowing if they are even true… 

He moved to another country to avoid giving anyone a greater opportunity to continue projecting onto him their own inability to honor their truth. As harsh as it may sound, it was easier for all of them to hide behind the idea that he had turned his back on God, and with it, on them, than to take the risk of being outcast by the masses like he was.

There are two morals to this story. One, as much as we crave to be part of something, our Spiritual responsibility is to live our destiny above all. The second one, when people become attached to certain beliefs, they unfortunately don’t recognize that they are literally giving away their intelligent faculties, and with it, their ability to explore and embrace all possibilities. 

Sadly to say, many will argue that there has been million of worse cases than this one, since in the world’s history of beliefs and practices, there have been many wars and cruel inhumanities conducted in the name of different religions and ideologies.

Unleash your potential,


P.S.Because we are all uniquely different, it takes different things for people to walk into their own destiny, but the great news is that although you have to do it yourself, you don’t need to struggle by doing it all alone!!!

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