Short Stories, Huge Lessons #1, A Shocking Story!


Short Stories, Huge Lessons #1A SHOCKING STORY!!!

I once heard a story about a man who grew up not being able to trust anyone. Although he didn’t think much of it, he pretty much went about his life without ever getting too involved with anyone, avoiding that once again people will let him down.

Like often happens when we give most of our attention to the outer world, (unconsciously looking to compensate for the lack of connection with our own Soul), life orchestrated an opportunity for him to evolve. He met someone he like very much and she quickly became his new way of staying focus in the outer world.

I bet you know what happened next. Things moved very quickly in their relationship and before they could grow together, they were engaged to get married.

Remember, this is the same guy who couldn’t trust anyone and pretty much live in his head. So you probably guessed that the moment they moved together, his lack of emotional maturity became an obvious problem in their relationship.

But here is where it gets more interesting. You will probably expected him to sabotage the relationship by trying to justify, blame, and project into her his inability to connect more deeply, but instead he shocked her by doing something completely different…

You see the truth is that he really care about this woman, and for the first time since he was a young boy he was not willing to risk losing her. In other words, something within him guided him into his destiny!!!

The moral of the story is this. We all have a story, but we are not our stories. Just because you have done things in a certain way for a very long time, doesn’t mean that you have to continue doing them the same way.

What you need to decide is… “Do I want to risk someone or something that is meant to be an important part of my life, or do I rather use my intelligence and allow someone qualified to give me a different perspective on how to transcend the issues that are coming up for me?”

Unleash your potential,

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