Apply What You Learn, And Say YES to Life! (Video)

Light from withIN

Today I was going through my Youtube Channel looking at a bunch of old videos I made and having differently thoughts about some of them.

One part of me was saying that I should delete the stuff that no longer represent who I AM today, and what I am not currently doing. The other part of me want to make sure that I don’t throw away the baby with the placenta!!! LOL

This particular video has GREAT AND VALUABLE CONTENT, so I decided to make a new post and let it do it’s thing… 

TRUE STORIES are a huge part of my work, because I can connect with them in many levels. Knowing things is definitely important, but CONSCIOUSLY RECOGNIZING THE LIFE WITHIN IS THE KEY!!!!

What I want to highlight with this video is that LIVING CONSCIOUSLY is the most POWERFUL way to unleash your true potential and fully take advantage of everything that life is ALWAYS offering you!

When you are aware and grounded in the present moment, saying “YES” to life continuos opportunities is WAY MORE FUN!!!!

But it’s like anything else when it comes to the journey. You have to do it, build from it and connect to the feeling of joy and meaning that comes from doing it, until it becomes more natural, meaning more automatic.

As you are going thru the experiences of LIVING CONSCIOUSLY daily, moment by moment, you will gain many insights, rewards and all around… just amazing results!!!

The most important is to BECOME MORE AWARE of your relationship with Life and to PURPOSELY EVOLVE.

Just in case you have any issues with the word evolve, I personally enjoy embracing the idea that I am becoming more aware of my Oneness with Divine Presence. And if you have any issues with the term, Divine Presence, then you can replace it with which ever word sparks the greater connection to YOU!!!!

Creation And Potential

I used to spend a lot of my day to day life THINKING about this or that, and occasionally throughout the day having a moment or two in which I realized life how amazing life truly was.

But when I developed the ability to LIVE CONSCIOUSLY, everything changed!!! And I am not just talking about life and personal stuff. I am also referring about business!!! It takes all the stuff that you have learned (meaning knowledge and application) and it takes it to a whole new level.

If you could only take one thing out of what you just saw and read, (which by the way is is not true because you have the power and the ability to make this information TRANSFORMATIONAL to you), let it be the desire to make LIVING CONSCIOUSLY a priority from this moment on.

NOTHING will help you and everyone else more!!!!

Unleash your potential,


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