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“Sometime, somewhere you take something to be the truth. But if you cling to it too strongly, then even when the truth comes in person and knocks on your door, you will not open it.” –Buddha

Best Selling Author and Successful Entrepreneur Darsana RoldanI don’t know exactly what gave me the determination, but I always had this savvy attitude that I would somehow find the way to create what I wanted. The thing with that is that most families, society, religions and government tell you that it’s not OK. It’s not good to want to HAVE IT ALL… and even worse… it’s not good to say it.

If you don’t believe me why don’t you call your family and friends right now and tell them that you want the most RICH & CONSCIOUS LIFE and that you found the way to co-create it, even if it is from a very grounded place.

Not easy, is it? In reality, if people were able to be truly honest, the will recognize and accept that’s how they feel. Most people want to have the cake and eat it too.

“In our true essence we are unlimited Spiritual Energy, forever seeking to evolve, in a temporary physical body, always seeking to be Conscious, of the grandiosity IN and around us.”

The truth is that I have been paying a lot of attention to this revelation for the last 25 years, since I became sober. And if people are able to consciously liberate themselves from FALSE IDENTITIES, there is a powerful reason behind this THRIVING phenomena…

“We’re ALL born to give birth to a new consciousness of Richness and Intelligence thru the life we live moment by moment and the products and services we provide.”

For some reason, I always had such realization. Even when I was only 10 years old and my parents couldn’t afford the cool tennis shoes I liked, I found savvy ways to serve others and earn the money myself.

From that age on and until I got my first job at the age of 15, I did what I had to do to buy the things I wanted and to help my family. I cut people’s yards. I swept the neighborhood barber shop. I cleaned dishes at the pizza parlor down the street. I sold newspapers and every time I had a chance to make some extra money by running quick trips to the grocery store for people, I did it!

I have never been afraid to work and for the next 17 years after that I managed to always make my way up the ladder in every job I had.

“But in the meantime I was completely unaware of my true nature and therefore I learned many life lessons the HARD WAY.”

On the other hand, it’s all part of a BIGGER PLAN, and for that reason I AM grateful of the wisdom I gained.

But by the age of 32, I had been sober for 5 years and I had developed enough awareness to realized that in order to keep up with my thriving attitude and the desire to get what I wanted out of life, I had to go back to what I started at the age of 10 and become an entrepreneur again!

Some people will tell you that I have been very lucky for the last 20 years. But I know different! It has nothing to do with “luck”, unless you define luck differently. “Ignite Your Business, Transform Your World”.

“I am just claiming my birthright every day. It is completely NORMAL and SPIRITUAL to build a savvy, conscious and PROSPEROUS business, out of the momentum you generate from living a well rounded life with your family.”

It has been an amazing journey and every time something comes up in our lives, I know it’s just an opportunity for me to reveal and develop a greater awareness about something within myself REQUIRED to keep me moving in the direction of my heart desires.

For the last 20 years I have had the opportunity to serve and help many people through our own successful businesses. Limited identities and beliefs can destroy any business, but when I learned to activate the power of Collaboration, I realized we give to the world and get paid by the Universe.

From the West Coast to the East Coast and now the Caribbean. We founded the biggest Counseling agency in the Santa Clara County in California, and one of the most profitable Marketing and Advertising Real Estate companies in Central Florida.

Savvy Business Coaching is about taking your Prosperity Consciousness to the next level. I am committed to show the most powerful way to PROFIT WHILE LIVING!!!!!

Unleash your potential,


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