El Paseo De Los Presidentes


Paseo de los Presidentes (Presidents’ Lane) is just across the street from the Capitol building. Here, you can find life-size bronze sculptures of all the US presidents who have visited (or even stepped foot in) Puerto Rico.

Old San Juan

There are monuments to Puerto Rican police who have died in the line of duty, Puerto Rico’s fallen soldiers from each of the wars, Puerto Rican teachers, important Puerto Rican women, Puerto Rican artists, and other important Puerto Rican figures.

There is plaza that has bronze busts of past Puerto Rican governors. There is the Altar de la Patria, which has a nice bronze statue and a relief mural depicting Puerto Rican history/culture. There is a playground with a garden and even a beautiful Jibaro on horseback sculpture, with the Lamento Borincano song written out (in Spanish). These plazas and memorials went on and on, one plaza after another. Some, like the Plaza de los Leones, are still under construction.

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