One Person’s Story Is Another Person’s Redemption (5+Insights)

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This is one of those stories that once you read it, it will stay with you for the rest of your life. It will either inspire you, or it will haunt you…

Most of us have experienced at one point or another, that Life has a way of getting our attention when we get too used to the comfort of doing things in a certain way. It’s not that our lives are unfolding exactly the way we have planned, it’s more that we unknowingly associate the concept of change with memories of being forced to do things that we didn’t want to do. The truth is that when you develop the ability to choose consciously, changes are not only necessary, but they are also quite empowering and FUN!

One Person’s Story Is Another Person’s Redemption 

You know that moment when you get a phone call and you don’t recognize the number? Well this guy had just received one of the worst news anyone can ever receive… his mother had just suffered a severe heart attack. The first thing that went thru his mind was, “OH MY GOD, I can’t believe this is happening. I have been thinking about calling her. Why didn’t I? I need to go see her.”

If any experience has the ability to make you re- evaluate your life, it’s the fear of losing someone close, and mothers are closer than close. The denial walls break down, regrets and guilt kick in and whether you like it or not, it’s right in your face. Your mind goes into high speed mode and you begin to fight back the emotions that it wants to trigger in you.

Throughout the whole flight he kept thinking, “What if she dies before I see her again?” When you stop to observe your thoughts, the fear of the unknown is way more intense than the actual experiences we go through. Some argue that when we sense danger or we feel unsafe, fear is a survival instinct . But this is not that kind of fear. This Fear is an alibi that our mind uses to keep us trapped in the repetitive mental drama that supports the most underrated addiction of mankind… The Compulsive need to always be Thinking.

Fear, the alibi we don't need

But even an undisciplined mind can’t always overpower your thriving nature and once in a while you get to have a moment of clarity. This clarity is always available to us, but it’s our thinking that keeps interfering with our ability to use our inherent tremendous faculties and potential.  For some reason these moments of clarity seem to come more often when people are presented with adversities, and death is definitely on top of that list.

During his flight he was avoiding any type of conversation with anyone, including the airline staff, but whenever something is divinely meant to happen… it does. Sitting right next to him the whole time was another man who had just gotten up to go to the bathroom. Although he had been avoiding eye contact, as the other man was coming back to his chair he finally recognized him. They talked and quickly remembered that they had met in the same company in his first job right after college.

He couldn’t hold back anymore. This guy was asking him where he was going, so it was time to release some of that pressure building up inside. Holding back the tears he said to the other guy, “I just want to have an opportunity to see her alive and talk to her. There is nothing… nothing important enough that could have prevented me from calling her often. I am praying that I have another chance.” They end up having a long and meaningful conversation about the huge gap between what they know is more important to them in life, and the choices they were making every day, moment by moment. They both realized, it was time to make some changes.

Comfort and Attention Quote

While waiting for his luggage at the baggage carousel he had what some people called “an aha moment”

First he had moved as far as he could from his hometown and parents while attending college and never came back. Then he had spent too many years obsessively working his way up the corporate ladder. A goal that no longer seemed to matter to him because he was now building his own business in the middle of struggling with a family that were wondering if he would ever be around.

No wonder he had become addicted to thinking, doing and trying to convince everyone that he was doing it all for his family. Because if he didn’t, he will probably have a nervous breakdown. The bottom line was that he had been looking for answers in all the wrong places. He had been living a lie and it was time to get honest with himself. The war he was now fighting, was not with his new business, his mother’s condition, or his disappointed wife and children. The war he was fighting was between his own ego and the courage it takes to take control of your own destiny.

The moment he arrived he went straight from the airport to the hospital. To make things worse, no one at the front desk seemed to know where his mother was. By the time they found her room number and were able to give him all the information, he felt emotionally and mentally exhausted.

Or perhaps it was the stress he allowed himself to have, but consequently he couldn’t find his way around the hospital. He finally decided to sit down in one of the waiting areas and calm himself down. Although this was his mother’s first heart attack, he now knew that he had been feeling disconnected for a very long time. Things definitely didn’t need to get any worse for him to accept that it was time to become accountable.

Life had his full attention!!!

Acceptance is the first step to any transformation and he definitely felt that something from within had shifted in that moment. He immediately got up from the chair and with every step he took, and every turn he made, he could feel a greater connection to his soul. Then, and from no where, a staff volunteer appeared. To his surprise, this older lady was about to give him what he was desperately craving… The opportunity to thrive living his life in the realm of intentional possibilities, instead of continuing struggling in the realm of meaningless predictability.

She looked at him straight in the eyes and said, “Listen carefully only to the people who have done what you are now setting the intentions to do (Insight #1). You’re going to go down this path and don’t let anything distract you. (Insight #2). When you get to the end of that hallway, you will find a set of doors that say, ‘Do not enter, under any circumstances’. That is the Intensive Care Unit, but don’t worry, your mother is not there. You have to go thru those doors regardless of any sign or what anybody else tells you.( Insight #3) From that moment you are on your own, so you need to trust your intuition,(Insight #4), but once you do that, you will find the door you are looking for. You and I meeting here is not an accident, but unless you do your part, the Universe can’t reward you with the path of least effort. (Insight #5)”

WOW! He suddenly remembered a great quote that he learned when he was younger, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Somehow he knew right then that he would find his mother soon and in good condition, (and he did), but he also knew that from that moment on he was ready and willing to live his life listening to his own inner voice and only to the people that inspired him to do so!!!

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