Neuro Soul Simplicity 101NEURO-SOUL-SIMPLICITY 101!

 Rewire Your Brain and Heart With These 10 Simple DON’T!

After more than twenty five years of seeking for answers for both my own personal growth and for helping those who come into my life, I would like to share with you that in many cases, it’s the little things that people do daily, moment to moment, the ones that are affecting them (probably you) the most.

The main reason why is because since they seem normal to most people, they do them automatically by habit, and second, they don’t make the connection between what’s going on with their lives and how all these things contribute. Unfortunately there are some people who don’t like to engage in some, or all of them, but since they don’t really understand all the effects, when presented with the situation, they rather not appear ‘rude’ by saying anything to others. In which case, they go right along with whatever is going on.

Here is where it can get a little bit complicated, or not, but the quickest way to explain something so extremely important is that the human brain/heart is a network of approximately over 1 billion neurons. Different thoughts and experiences create different neuron connections which bring about different emotions and depending on which neurons get stimulated the connections become stronger, or weaker. This is not only your map of reality, but this determines your potential.

In other words… Every moment of your life you are either making a stronger connection with the things that are most important to you, or the ones that are NOT. No ‘buts’ about it!!!

And it’s you and ONLY you who gets to CHOOSE at every moment of your life if you are either going to tap into your unlimited potential (Collective Consciousness ) or you’re going to go along with the limiting ideas and beliefs adopted by the rest of humanity (Collective Mentality)!!!

Two other things… from now on whenever you catch yourself doing one of them, and you will, quickly forgive yourself and move on. The last thing you ever want to do is to bring any more attention to anything or anyone you don’t want to continue having as part of your reality. “Energy flows where attention goes”.

Second, don’t allow the simplicity of them to take away the tremendous value. Regardless of who you are, what you do, or how evolved you may be,  you are doing some or all of them. And it’s going to take for you to stop doing them for a while to realize how much they were directly affecting you in so many ways and levels.

Here there are:

1. Don’t compete or compare yourself to others.

2. Don’t listen or talk negative about other people. 

3. Don’t take anyone or anything for granted, including your life daily.

4. Don’t judge anyone’s life, including yours, based on outer goals or achievements.

5. Don’t buy into any names or beliefs that implies that anyone is any less or more than you (gay, homeless, handicap, celebrity, etc.) 

6. Don’t primarily value women by their physical appearance.

7. Don’t give attention to anything that doesn’t uplift you.

8. Don’t support or justify violence, including to animals.

9. Don’t betray your destiny to get other’s approval.

10. Don’t identify yourself with your mind.

Unleash your potential,


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