Is Your Past Running Your Life Today?

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need. – Tao Te Ching

I am convinced that even if I spend another 53 years expanding my awareness starting from where I am now, I would only be scratching the surface of my inherent unlimited potential. I am also quite aware that the world around me hasn’t changed as much as I feel it has, but it is my inner transformation that has allowed me to co-create my own reality and to see the physical world with a new set of eyes.

Have you ever asked yourself… “Why Me?”

For years I felt like I was so different than members of my own family, friends and other people I grew up with. I was trapped in the middle of my own inner war because a part of me felt proud for growing up with certain values and interests and another part of me didn’t agree at all with some of the beliefs and misconceptions about very important things in life.

Among other things, there were too many unanswered questions and no one dared to step out to think for themselves. Most of this stuff just seemed unreal to me, and I wasn’t willing to betray my own intuition just to fit in with the majority and what that meant.

I can’t even begin to explain to you the invigorating joy that flows through me these days because I no longer choose to let ignorance and old stories give shape to my own reality. By developing a greater awareness and understanding about the mental faculties and the natural powers withIN who I am, I have created an awesome life in which each moment is always pregnant with even greater opportunities and possibilities.

That doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means I can remain joyful and grateful, most of the time, even when certain things are not the way I would like them to be, both in my life and in the world.

But it was not always like this. For many years I was suffering from self imposed fears and insecurities about who I was and where do I fit. You see at the age of 2 my parents decided to move back to their home, Puerto Rico, and I spent the next 16 years absorbing the energy that became the foundation of my reality then.

Right after my sophomore year my parents returned to the US where I started my senior year of High School in California. Not only struggling with learning a new language and culture, but also fighting the desire to grow and embrace the world I was exposed to, yet debating if by doing so I would loose who I thought I was.

For the next 10 years after that, I struggled even more with this dilemma and I used things like alcohol, drugs and sex as a way to hide and survive. I was fighting unseen demons, but they seemed so real to me then.

“You don’t need strength to let go of something. What you really need is understanding.” – Guy Finley

The bottom line is that like all of us I have a story, but that is NOT who I am. And perhaps in my next book  I will get more into details so hopefully I can help even more people realize and understand that they are letting their past limit their own experiences and with it their ability to build a new future.

No matter what you think, feel, or do with your life, you will ALWAYS be who you are. But I am NOT talking about your name, your chronological age, your culture or your current socio-economic status, etc. Be grateful for what the past offers you, but don’t be afraid to change anything and everything that limits your inherent ability and powers to grow and become a greater expression of God/Life, just because unconsciously you don’t want to betray your roots.

As a matter of fact, you would benefit tremendously from re-evaluating the impact that your up-bringing is having on every decision you make now. Like my mother would say, “No votes el muchacho con la placenta.” Which means, “Don’t throw away the child with the placenta.”

Celebrate the gifts and blessings and let go of the misconceptions and limitations.

Beliefs around religion, money, addictions, politics, nutrition, parenting, competition, work, digression of women, acts of violence against humanity and animals, just to name a few.  These and many other unconscious and conscious old beliefs are blocking the flow of Thriving Consciousness through so many people in this world, that it’s no wonder why there are so many problems to overcome within so many families and globally.

But it all starts with each of us personally and with our own families. You really have to make this a priority and forget about the status quo, or the reaction of others. You see I stopped drinking and using drugs over 25 years ago, right around the same time that I began revealing my own version of what God means to me that has nothing to do with any religion. I also stopped doing things like eating and using any animals product over 15 years ago, among many other changes. But I am not more or less Puerto Rican than anybody else just because for the last 25 years I have been continuously working on becoming a different version of me.

You see it doesn’t matter how much money you have, your reputation, the size of your home, the private club you belong to, the college you graduated from, your current position or anything else for that matter. Higher Living comes as a direct result of the awareness, understanding and the determination you have to stand up for what you believe to be the right things for everyone, including all life equally.

We can sit around and blame this, justify that and argue about it for as long as we live. Or we can let the past be the past, accept our differences and celebrate our similarities. As far I’m concerned, I believe that we’re all interconnected and the same way I would never stop growing for the greater good of our family, I will never hold back any insight that I know that can help you unleash your own potential! We are all in this together!!!

Unleash your potential,


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