Why Do Couples Live Without Investing in Their Marriage? 

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Why Do Couples Live Without Investing in Their Marriage? 

It’s quite SIMPLE, and yet shocking! Our society and our families DO NOT teach, encourage or require married couples to do it. Instead we are trained and conditioned to accept the results of it. And since in our society we are programmed to wait for disasters, before we give the attention and resources to solve major issues… the RESULTS are devastating.

50% of ALL marriages end up in divorce. Out of that 41% are first time marriages. 60% are second time, and 73% are third. Talk about doing the same thing, but expecting different results…

Instead, we are driven by the media and other organizations, to invest in things that have very little value, in comparison to your marriage and family. After all, we joke, portray and expect marriages to be hard, full of problems and disappointments, and very rare to last.

We ALL know that you get back what you put into anything.

Just living a routine life, only depending on what you learned from your parents, TV or the media, without ever making a strategical investment to grow and expand the nucleus of your life, is not only foolish, but a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately we also have learned, that if it doesn’t work, we can always get divorced. They make it sound easy and simple like when you cut your hair. “Don’t worry, if you don’t like it, it will grow back.”

Seriously? We are talking about people’s lives, including our children. Our society needs to recognize the tremendous and essential role of marriage, like we do for other things like careers, or businesses. We need to give emphasis to how VALUABLE marriage is… like we do about material things like buying a home, the car you drive, the places you go on vacation, etc.

We have come a long way in certain things like technology, and human rights. But when it comes to the most essential component of every individual, and the main institution of our society, OUR FAMILIES, it’s just supposed to continue to evolve and thrive completely on it’s own.

Children are required to have a so called proper education, but not the proper preparation they need for the most satisfying, fulfilling and important role of their lives (being in relationship). Therefore the results are obvious. 50% of marriages end up in divorce, and the other 50% expects to harvest, without ever learning how to properly farm.

People talk about how long they have been married, like time is equivalent to quality.

In many cases they expect time to heal things all on it’s own, but all it does is set mediocre standards for what families are supposed to be like.

Most people talk like it’s funny and have accepted that when it comes to family and parents, we can’t expect great quality and empowering stories. Movies, songs, and the media highlights all the dysfunctional and devastating things… like giving it that much attention could serve us and the younger generations, if we are ever going to put an end to this crisis!

It makes no sense, and it sure doesn’t feel right to expect your business to grow, or even maintain, if you don’t invest in it. So why are we so oblivious when it comes to our marriage and relationships? Why are we in so much denial when it comes to what it’s doing to our children? The future leaders of our world?

Divorce and Children

No one can argue about the severity and the impact of this crisis. Every 13 seconds, in the U.S. alone, another couple gets divorced. That’s over 43 thousand every week – over 2.5 million every year, and the numbers are very consistent year after year.

Children of divorce often experience things like expectations of failure, fear of loss or abandonment and fear of conflict throughout their lives. These anxieties are reflected in their romantic relationships by poor partner or behavior choices, giving up too quickly when problems arise or avoidance of any perceived level of meaningful intimacy and commitment.

Most people believe it’s the other person’s fault and although they don’t want to get divorced, they don’t have the slightest idea that they can actually invest in their marriage!!!

I believe when it comes to this crisis, we have drifted far enough on the path of sabotage and destruction to realized it is time to do things different. And by different I DON’T mean to put anyone down or bring more ATTENTION into the problem, instead of the solution.

I’m talking about UTILIZING all our past experiences, to build upon, the determination and willingness to be RADICAL in our approach. This is the greatest opportunity in our history to develop a greater awareness and understanding of our true potential.

If anything can be the inspiration to do something that important to humanity and our planet, it would be this. We ALL have embedded withIN who we are the strong desire to feel love and supported by our families. So we know what it’s like and we want the best for our children. The greatest motivation scenario!!!

We need this. The world needs thriving couples shaping future generations of grounded leaders. 

Unleash your potential,


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P.P.S. Divorce Graphic and Statistics from dailyinfographic.com

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