If Your Biz. Doesn’t Include Your Family, You Are Missing The Point!


“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”
Mother Teresa

True Story!

One day many years ago I came home and my daughter Jamaili greeted me in the garage as I was getting out of my car. She looked like she knew what she wanted. She gave me a big hug and immediately asked me for a quarter.

I searched all over my pockets and all I had was dollar bills. So I gave her a $5 dollar bill since that was the smaller I had.

She look at the bill so quickly and then she said to me,”No Daddy, I want a quarter”, and she gave the five dollars back.

I tried to explain a few things to her, but she wasn’t open to any of it. Of course today she will probably take the $5 dollar bill and run with it faster than I can ask her what’s for.

But the point is this. And I am not saying this because of the work that I do. I am saying this because is the TRUTH.


As a Coach, I get to hear and see how many people were sabotaging the things that matter the most to them because they didn’t understand the “MENTAL FILTERS ‘ within their own minds!

Let me tell you this. I have been successfully empowering people for over 20 years and your HUMAN POTENTIAL is beyond your mind. Don’t EVER quit BELIEVING in your self. Nothing in the outer world can even come close to the Power you have withIN.

But things are not always what they seem! In fact, your mind is a HUGE part of the problem!

A few years ago, we traveled the entire nation with our children, (baby animals included), for over 16 months and no matter the size of the city we visited, we found families searching for ways to come together.

I am talking about families in all different communities with different social and economical status.

This is not Mom’s job anymore.

If we can’t find the way to live in PEACE within our own families, how can we expect to build a peaceful world for us and younger generations?

Times have changed and with that change comes the need for EVERYONE to step up and take on a more involved role, regardless of gender.

If you have a family, I want to INVITE you to EVALUATE what you think you need to be doing with your life and Biz. right now. If you are not doing it together as a family, and I don’t mean living under the same roof, nothing it is going to matter anyway. You are going to have REGRETS!

My son is 13 and my daughter is turning 10 this month. Loving them comes naturally. But SUPPORTING them and LIVING CONSCIOUSLY as a loving family requires greater awareness…

That’s my PRIORITY  before anything else!

Unleash your potential,

P.S. Artist- Sulatip Maijan 16 yrs.?

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