If you have any CHILDREN, this is in your BEST INTEREST!

Jivani and Jamaili Vegans

When my wife Kalyani and I decided to have children we took some classes. read books and basically did our own research regarding NUTRITION!!!!

We felt very strong about learning all these things to a greater degree than we already did, but we believe it was even more important to take on the journey ourselves, instead of believing what anybody else could tell us.

Like everything else we do, once we made the DECISION, we never look back and we stay committed to the journey!

We cleansed our bodies thru different processes and went completely RAW for one year before becoming pregnant.

After that first year we incorporated a Vegan diet with as much raw food as possible, but without feeling like we were depriving ourselves and then our kiddos.

After 16 years and 2 healthy children, (10 and 13), we stand by the results, not by judgements

Our kids have NEVER seen a doctor from the day they were born, neither have we, unless Kalyani have chosen to have something done. That will be another post. LOL

They don’t get infections, allergies or any of the crazy things we hear other parents talk about.

Let me just be very clear! Our kids have NEVER eat meat or had DAIRY in their lives. They NEVER seen a doctor or taking any ‘shots’ or medicine of any kind.

They travel with us every where we visit or live, and no matter where we are, we find a way to stay truthful to our Vegan Lifestyle.

So when we talk, teach or share our expertise, we will be doing a disservice to our clients or anyone who care to listen and learn, if we don’t include this IMPORTANT MATTER!!!!

Do I have strong feelings about HOW we should treat the animals and our planet? ABSOLUTELY!!!

But NOT for religious, philosophical, or any other reason, other than my own Spiritual Journey!!!!

Everything I share comes from years of experiences, not because they sound cool, but because they have made a tremendous, positive impact in my individual journey and in all our lives!

For us, our children’s HEALTH is right at the top of our priorities. No body in their right mind can enjoy having a sick child.

And for that reason alone, I will continue to promote a Vegan Lifestyle for you and your family, regardless of what anybody else tells me!!!!

Unleash your potential,


PS In case you wondering, thats my son Jivani and my daughter Jamaili in the picture! I love them more than life itself!

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