“When people tell me they’ve learned from experience, I tell them the trick is to learn from other people’s experience.”  Warren Buffett

One of our biggest challenges, (meaning humanity) is that we were taught to invalidate our capabilities and potential so much, that we end up believing it.  In other words, we don’t perceive ourselves to be as potentially intelligent and capable as we are, so we don’t ask or expect of ourselves to rise above other people’s way of thinking. Consequently we end up believing what most people believe to be true about our human potential, or using it as a way to justify the gap between what we are doing and what can potentially do.

It’s only certain people, under certain situations like, athletes and sports competitors, life or death situations, etc., that they push the imaginary bar further, for the rest of humanity. But only for those who find out and then start believing that they also can. Otherwise they keep going about life, the same way that they always have.

When I overcame drugs and alcohol over 25 years ago, people felt sorry for me. But I didn’t. That journey was what started my self realization that I could achieve what others don’t even believe is possible. Even today and after so many years, people who meet me and hear about what I know to be true, they are full of doubts and questions. I don’t take it personal. I know it can be done because I did and continue to do it every day. And that’s why I coach others to transcend their mind limitations through the powers and faculties withIN them.

Perhaps that’s what the Wright Brothers experienced when there was scientists in Europe, five years after they had the first aircraft flying saying, “It can’t be done”.

Does that mean that you have to go through everything I have gone through because you have to learn from your own experiences? OF COURSE NOT!!!

That would be like Richard Branson having to go through what the Wright brothers did, when he decided to start Virgin Atlantic Airways.

No, we are here to uplift and push each other to greater levels of awareness. I want nothing more than for every one of my client’s to outdo me in every way possible, and then turn around and keep the inspiration going.

The reason no one has ever measured (not even scientists) how much potential there is withIN the human potential, is because it’s un-measurable just like the sky is infinite!

You are way more powerful than you can understand. Believe me! Yes, there are things that you will need to understand, develop and apply, but it’s not going to be anything that you already accepted as how things are supposed to be.

In order to grow and get a tangible realization of the a greater extent of life within you, you need to take certain risks and let go of lower level things, including certain ways of thinking. You need to learn how to use the Superior faculties and powers within who you are and when you do, you get to have access to a great amount of energy that will become qualities such as, clarity, peace, creative ideas, determination, appreciation, enthusiasm, contentment, etc. Some of these qualities you already use them daily, but with the increase in energy within you, they take a greater depth. The level required for the greater realizations.

BTW! When I say “who you are”, I am referring to an inexhaustible amount of Energy always seeking to become more, that somehow has all come together as YOU!

Anyway, if you don’t ever push yourself. You will NOT know the potential within you. And you will never be able to make the same impact that you are meant to make on those who come in contact with you. (Including your children) And you will always wonder why you feel like no matter what you do, there is always something within you wanting to have new experiences.

Now you know, the reason I can say to you, IF ANYONE CAN DO IT, IT’S YOU, and I don’t even know you, is because what we’re dealing with here is not coming out of your human equation alone, but the extent of Life being projected by YOU!

Unleash your potential,


P.S. As you can tell, I am very passionate about helping others unleash their potential. I get a thrill from coaching and helping people use this understanding for the greater good. If you want to learn and be coached by me, then let me show you the different programs I am offering so we can get started.

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