“HOW TO” Get Unstuck From The BLIND Side of All Your PROBLEMS!!!!!!

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.” – Marianne Williamson

I really don’t know how to say this, without sounding like I am putting anyone down, but most people BLINDLY like drama more than they want to find the solution to their problems.

But don’t take my word for it. Why don’t you find out for yourself?

In this quick post I am going to give you both, the solution and the reason to ALL PERSONAL AND WORLD PROBLEMS as I see them.

After reading it, you have a choice, but according to the statistics, 97% are going to reject the solution and continue to live in the problem.

Why will you do that? I am going to explain it to you shortly, but it is because most people BLINDLY BELIEVE their minds and by doing so, they are STUCK in the problem/mind!!!!!

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A large group of people, although their minds are obsessed with THINKING about the so called, “problems”, they don’t use them for what they’re for… opportunity to grow and expand. Not transcending the problems is making the problems/mind bigger than You, and identifying yourself with that particular beaten identity.

The negative consequences of living that way are endless and catastrophic!!!!

The other large group of the people’s minds are obsessed with THINKING as well, but all they do constantly is talk about it.  And talking about your so called problems, (which by the way it’s only a small portion of what really is going on in your life), is just giving it even more ATTENTION and the mind loves that because it THRIVES in negative attention. (drama)

And the negative consequences of living that way are so large we can’t even estimate how destructive that is.

Here is a different SOLUTION to completely change your life, including the so called, “problems”?

By being consciously aware and give emotional ATTENTION to the grandiosity IN and AROUND you all the time,(as much as possible), dormant forces within you come alive, and you find yourself feeling more grounded, joyful and grateful than you ever have.

WOW! Superior Faculties and Super Natural Powers  that are way more meaningful and transformational than the other pity/drama stuff people spend so much time thinking about. Isn’t it?

What does it look like? In this present moment, give a tremendous amount of emotional ATTENTION to your ability to read these words and IDENTIFY your self with the JOY of being able to process such information!!!!!

After all, that it is pretty AMAZING. Don’t you agree?

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Now OBSERVE how your mind reacts and begins to immediately MINIMIZE, DISTORT AND DELETE the VALUE in that statement, because is not negative drama!!!!

Why do you think so many people like to watch the News, or the so called “Reality TV”, or for that matter, any mainstream media? Is all DRAMA.

Even movies are full of drama. They give you one and a half hour of drama,  and five minutes of joy at the END!!!

REMEMBER this,“Energy Flows Where ATTENTION Goes”. Problems have a way to unfold into valuable lessons when become consciously aware and CLAIM your TRUE NATURE!

The bottom line is this. As long as you continue believing your are your mind and by doing so ALLOWING your mind to control your thoughts and feelings, you will be BLINDLY trap and hook all your life, until one day, if you suffer enough, you will wake up and realize is not necessary to suffer anymore.

Or you may develop an awareness and ability to automatically live a JOYFUL LIFE!!!  In which case I can HELP YOU!!!

Unleash your potential,


P.S . Are you going to be part of the 97%, or what?

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