How Powerful it’s to have a Positive Attitude?

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People OFTEN tell me, “I like your positive attitude”. I think it is VERY IMPORTANT to get CLEAR about this. There is NOTHING more powerful than a great understanding and more disempowering than a slight misunderstanding. I know that may not sound to valuable to you YET! But here is my point.

When you get past all the big hype and trends and actually develop the realization that the outcome of YOUR LIFE is DIRECTLY related to your ability to recognize (consistently) the good in everything in and around you, then this Positive Attitude Concept becomes your GREATEST tool for Self Awareness!!!!

The IMPACT and the CAPACITY that it has to actually begin or continue to reshape everything and anything that matters most to you, regardless of your current life situations, is endless and priceless.

Spiritually, Physically (Health), Emotionally, Psychologically and so on and so on, this is why LIVING CONSCIOUSLY is the doorway to unleashing your true potential!!!!

Now on the other hand, if you just blow it off like their isn’t any measurable value, just a bunch of people acting and pretending like everything is good, because this is not your current reality, you have for the first time (or who knows how many others) adopted the belief that there is nothing relevant in what it can offer you.

Beliefs are another powerful phenomena that you can learn more about. What it means regarding this post, is this – if you believe that something has no value, it will have NO VALUE. That’s the LAW. Just know that everyone is on a journey. If some people you know may not be showing that this positive attitude thing really works, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t, they are just making their own progress at their own pace.

Let me end by suggesting a great quote regarding this concept, “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes”. I recommend that if you want to create better results in your life, don’t wait another minute after you finish reading this, to explore, research, and mostly experience what that holds for you. WithIN your Conscious mind you have certain FILTERS that are extremely important and require your attention.

ATTENTION is how you can transcend and transmute your life experiences into greater awareness. And greater awareness is what allows you to experience natural joy, spontaneous creativity, sharp clarity, deeper appreciation, greater compassion, inner peace, real patience, stronger immune system, longer life…

Who is Mr. Positive now? LOL

Unleash your potential,



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