Giving Up In Your Relationship TOO SOON?

Dear Couples Post

Dear Couples,

All the success you have achieved in any particular aspect of your life means very little, if you can’t both reveal a fundamental way to have an extraordinary relationship with each other. Consequently you may end up giving up on some of the people and things that are most important to you.

So the question is… Are YOU Giving Up In Your Relationship TOO SOON?

I’m going to start by reminding you that all the things that had to have happened for you two to meet and then choose to be with each other, shows me that your relationships has withIN the greatest possibilities for growth and fulfillment.

And whether or not you choose to allow that to happen between you two, if you’re seriously committed to growth and joy in this life, you will end up having to do it with another person anyway. So why not do it with the person you are with right now that you love and avoid all that stuff that comes with break ups? 

Specially if you have children. You have NO IDEA what it will be like and how it will directly impact the quality of your life and those around you for as long as you live.

Order is the first law of Fundamental Principles for a reason. So let me highlight the obvious. That means that if you justify (and for that matter accept) that saying, thinking, or acting in any way that is mean, rude or unkind with each other, because of what the other person said or did to you, you’re using your superior faculties against you and with it you’re giving away your intelligent capacity to grow individually from everything that is going on. 

With that said, differences and disagreements are definitely part of any relationship, but unless you do your part individually, projecting and blaming will become your subconscious way to react directly distorting your perception of the dynamics between you two. And that goes for everyone.  

Why do you think that most people in relationships, regardless of how capable we all know they are, have such a hard time recognizing and transcending these issues?

Let’s give you a worthy and strategic goal to start right now. We all get in romantic relationships (this obviously includes marriage) because we like or love the other person, so why not make an agreement with ourselves and each other, that no matter what issues come up, acting in any way that is unkind is not an option? 

Regardless of how long you have been together, how would that reshape your map of reality in terms of what relationships are meant to feel and look like and how they are divinely meant to serve us?

Is that setting high standards or asking too much from ourselves? Yes to the first and no to the second. If you sincerely want to commit to turning things around between you two, this is a great place to start. And if you know certain things are not what you have both agreed within the relationship, and you still have the tendency to want to do these things, it’s obvious you need to find out how to stop immediately. 

The saddest truth is that most couples never get to know what they are capable of experiencing individually from the growth that the relationship offers them and how amazing their relationship could become (regardless of anything and everything that has happened), because of the expectations each other have of each other and the relationship.

The great news is that it’s not only possible to stay together and give birth to a completely new version of what you both want your relationship to be like, but some of us have done it. And for that reason, I really want you to ask yourself seriously if you may be giving up too soon in your relationship?

Love and appreciation,


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