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“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”  – Patañjali




Through my speaking, training, and master coaching, my intention and goals are very clear. Teach you this liberating code and train you in becoming accurately and effectively masterful at applying it. That’s it.

My job consists of making sure that you are able to easily understand the five Essential Elements, implement the five Strategic Practices and activate the five Dormant Forces using all seven dimensions of your Intelligence. 

Although this may seem like hard work for others, it’s not for me. I can easily be teaching this 10 hours a day, seven days a week, and I still wouldn’t be doing hard work. This is Passion work. This is living my purpose work.

Soon you will realize that the only possible way to perform at such high and consistent levels, is when you tap into deeper dimensions of Intelligence and Energy

When We Work Together I’m Your:

Coach – (Absolutely Involved) – I will coach you to understand how you can consistently focus your attention inward and upward allowing you to bring to your awareness the information required for greater clarity. As a coach I will teach you how to tap into the largest amount of intentional energy flowing within so you can daily get up and go, leverage everything you experience, and make things happen in the most harmonious way. I will be your voice of Clarity.

• #1 Fan – (Intentional Action) – As your #1 fan there is nobody who believes in you more than I do. I will help, tune in and encourage you to feel and interpret the tremendous amount of Intelligence available to you under any circumstance. As you continue to develop a greater calmness within your own mind, I will guide you in developing tangible methods to remain connected, or to get back on track when challenges present. I will be your voice of Inner Connection.

• Trainer – (Reset Your Filters) – I will train you in developing calm mastery over your thoughts in a way that most supports your ability to overcome challenges and manifest a level of consistency in your life. I will give you precise techniques and help you become accountable, I will also measure your ability to close the gap between your unconscious beliefs and conscious desires. I will be your voice of Determination.

• Accountability Partner – (Remap Your Reality) – I will be the strong and consistent partner that demands you get things done. I will keep you on top of generating the momentum desired for the greatest transformation. I will make sure that you get the most out of your capacity and push you into rewiring your brain, without identifying yourself with the false identities within your individual mind. I will be your voice of Consistency.

• Mentor – (Realize Your Capacity) – I will be your Mentor, your North Star, your Right Hand. I will boldly inspire you to BE creative. We will move side by side because you will see me embody and apply everything I mentor you to do. I will be your guiding entity, a constant reminder that you too, can BE absolutely capable. Not necessarily to make the same choices I make, but to have the ability to make the choices that better serve you and your family and what’s most important to you. I will be your voice of Soulful Confidence.


It takes CLARITY to see things from a new perspective and tremendous COURAGE to move forward in a new direction. I see what you can’t see yet.   

It’s time to connect the dots on the things that mean something to you, so you can BE and make the impact you’re meant to.

Let’s map out a strategy to access Self Awareness that gives high performance a new meaning and propels you to the deeper levels you’re craving.

Your 30 minutes to Thrive will be nothing short of life-altering. Now that’s something worth achieving.




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