Evolution of Your Soul

I once heard a story about an important meeting between Souls. They were discussing how they could make this stubborn part of themselves, which they called their human part, understand things more rapidly so they could enjoy the gift of life with greater ease and fun, and evolve faster.

The Soul in charge of the Strategy department had a great idea. She said, “Our humanity doesn’t seem to understand that other people are just here to help them see parts of themselves that for the most part go unconscious and therefore it’s quite hard to realize, and even harder, to know the impact that this phenomena is having on their ability to thrive.”

“What the mind doesn’t understand, it worships or fears.” ~ Alice Walker

“But since they are not getting it and they keep making their collective mentality bigger by having the same mind activities and mind made feelings, generation after generation, which then creates the same mind made suffering, which is actually getting quite old by now, we need to make some huge adjustments. I suggest we give this tremendous task mainly to family members.”

The Soul in charge of Research and Development responded, “And how will that help?”

“Well, humanity believes in this strong bond between family members already, and therefore they believe that they have to stick together no matter what. So let’s make family members be very good at pushing each other’s buttons, giving each other continuous and endless opportunities to figure this out. How do you guys feel about this?”

The other Souls agreed it was a brilliant idea.

The Soul in charge of Quality Control added, “This is perfect. The bond between families is so strong that even when they make each other crazy, they continue to choose to be with each other. Especially during the holidays. So depending on how committed each one is to living a quality life, she or he will be able to figure it out and naturally be grateful for the opportunity they continue to present each other.”

The Soul from Marketing then said, “Be really careful because most of us, from our human part, want to be part of something, even if that something is destructive to them. We have seen that too many times already. “The blind leading the blind”And the last thing we all want are people running around blaming or enabling each other, instead of freeing each other. The whole family thing can blow up right in our faces if they blindly start believing that these things they call feelings are real, without knowing they are just what their mind uses to co-create this thing they call their reality. And unless they are able to recognize this clearly and detach from it when it happens, they will remain stuck in this vicious free will cycle for ever.”

“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” ~ Socrates

The Soul from Engineering then said, “Wait, let me see if I understand correctly. What you are suggesting is that we somehow allow their brains to adapt in very real and tangible ways unbeknownst to them. When these neurons activate at the same time as a response to reaction between them, the neurons will become associated with one another and the connections will become stronger. The more interactions between them, the more ingrained or grooved the pathways become in their brains. More reactions lead to greater intensity and suffering. Eventually leading them to want to awake from the whole mind creating the suffering?” 

Yes, that’s exactly what we are saying. Families will be meant to push each other’s buttons for as long as it takes so enough of them will wake up and we can end this egotistical, mind era. 

The one in charge of Management quickly responded, “I get it, that way they will eventually reveal this intuitively and dissolve the illusion of separation. Individually realizing, that real feelings are the way we Souls naturally communicate with each other, and not the other -meaningless drama thing – they are constantly giving energy and attention to. They will realize that these things they call feelings are mind made lies wanting to be true – mind made nothingness wanting to be something.”

“Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say or do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

“Yes, yes, yes”, the Souls had reached a mutual agreement.

Then the Soul from Documentation taking the notes for the meeting said, “For the record and the minutes of this meeting let’s make sure we all understand our Divine Goal. As more of our human parts detach from believing they are their mind, they will no longer be pulled into the drama co-creating all this suffering. They will understand that every time they actually have these so called negative feelings toward each other, it’s just another opportunity to stop these lower frequency reactions and evolve from all of it.”

To that the Soul from Human Resources responded, “I am completely in agreement with the whole idea, as long as we are all clear that by being Free Souls like we all are, we also reserve the right to choose when we want to be around these so called family members, and we also have the right to clearly state our boundaries. If we can agree to that, I say we move forward with this idea and conclude our meeting.”

As they were getting ready to leave, the Soul from Customer Service then said, “Remember the world can’t exist independently of the human mind, so how can the world be anything else but just a mind game. In other words… we need to also help our human part not to take life so serious. The whole point of us Souls having this human experience is to have FUN!!!


Love and appreciation, Darsana


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