Can You Handle “Weird”, But Meaningful TRUE STORIES?


“We don’t see things as they are – we see things as we are” ~ Anais Nin

I am going to tell you a TRUE STORY of something that happened to me many years ago because I believe it will help me explain something that can change your life dramatically!!!!

I have never told this story before, and I haven’t really been thinking about it either. But just recently, it came up to my awareness.

What do I mean when I said it came up to my awareness? This happens to me once in a while. What happens is that the first feeling I have when I wake up in the morning has some VALUABLE meaning…

It can be an answer to a question; an idea to pursue, or something out of no where… This particular time the feeling was, “That was the real YOU that day in Yosemite.”

Crazy isn’t it? Is like dreams. Where do they come from ? The truth is that I used to think it was weird myself, but not anymore. I have developed an ability to realize it differently!!!!

Anyway, this is what happened. It was actually one of the first times Kalyani and I went out camping together. I told you it was a long time ago. At least 20 years.


So we went to Yosemite National Park, which by the way it is one of our favorite places in the world, and in our way back home, I decided to take a different route.

I really wanted to show her the amazing river that goes along the road on that side of the park.(the Merced’s river)

It was stunning. We got out of the car a few times and took some beautiful pictures along the way. But at one point I had the fun idea to have a picnic lunch along the river so we can go swimming!!!

This is where this fun idea got WEIRD!!!

As I was driving I saw some people swimming, but they were in the other side of the river. I didn’t want to drive back and find the road they took, so I though we could actually park on this side of the road, walk down the rocks and find a place right by our side of the river. GENIUS!!!!!

Kalyani was not really happy with my idea, but since I was so enthusiastic, she didn’t want to be a party pooper!

I had both of my hands full with things. So going down the side of the mountain it was very hard. I didn’t said it was a smart idea!!! LOL


All of the sudden, I lost my footing and I felt off the cliff. As I was going down, something very WEIRD happened!!!!

I FELT “something’ turned my whole body around, and I was able to land looking at the river on my two feet. Kalyani and the people in the other side of the river were TERRIFIED!!!

They really though I had slam my body against the rocks and die there.

Instead, all I ended up with was a broken ankle!!! Not to mention that I probably poop on my pants! LOL

For years I didn’t said anything much to anyone, (except Kalayni), of what really happened that day because I knew it was something I couldn’t explain.

Whenever Kalyani and I talk about it, I used to said to her, “That wasn’t me that day”. Meaning that I thought that I wasn’t the one who turned my body around in order to avoid dyeing against those rocks.

Now, remember at the beginning of the story that I told you that I woke up and the first feeling I had that morning was, “That was the real YOU that day in Yosemite.”? That was the “weird’ reason.

So what does that mean, and why I think it can DRAMATICALLY change your life?

Here we go! We, meaning humans, have been guided, programmed, conditioned, (whet ever word you like to use), to believe that we are what we think we are. People really think that they are what their minds believe to be. And to be honest, I did too for a very long time!!!!

When ever I read, heard or saw someone talking about our Spirits, the Universe, our Souls, or any other name people use when referring to the Life withIN, I though it was not only ‘weird stuff’, but something SEPARATE of myself.

Stay with me now because this is where the mind begins to do it’s thing…

For years while practicing meditation, and all the other things that I do, I began to develop the ability to FEEL a Presence between my thoughts. It felt very joyful, to say the least, and eventually I realized that was my Spirit. While I was developing this awareness and ability through out the years, I began to experienced greater insights and amazing results in my life, both personal and business. I mean really awesome things!!!!

But for a very long time, my individual mind really had me believing that what I FELT was outside of myself, and in many ways, had me believing that what I felt was kind of weird stuff and not necessarily true. Sometimes I even thought that perhaps it was just a product of my imagination!!!!

When in “REALITY” it was the other way around. That FEELING OF PRESENCE is the REAL ME…  The one that creates all the ‘WEIRD THOUGHTS” and has me identifying with FALSE IDENTITIES is my individual mind….

Distortion, deletion, assumptions, interpretations, illusions, even feelings that are not real feelings and things that are not even true, that in one way or another were sabotaging the real gift of experiencing my Life. They are all self created and self driven by what we call the individual mind.

But the mind is NOT the issue. Is the fact that most people believe what the mind tells them. The mind is just an instrument of our human equation, designed to help us achieve certain tasks, including the ability to experience the world of senses. But it was never designed to limit your potential and consequently create the INSANITY we see in the physical world!!!


BE AWARE that your individual mind can’t GRASP what I am explaining to you with words, so it labels them as WEIRD, NOT REAL, NOT NORMAL!!! The moment you try to think about who you are… is gone! I am explaining something beyond the mind!!!!

But let me suggest something. Go back and read this post as many times as you like, and take time to FEEL what it means to you, the REAL YOU.!!!! Trust that what you FEEL IS REAL !!!!

Continue doing it and continue seeking because at one point, you will be able to FEEL THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!! BUT THAT’S JUST THE BEGINNING…

Unleash your potential,


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