What’s the Disadvantage That Highly Successful Men Have?



“Self-respect is the root of discipline: The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.” ~Abraham Joshua Heschel

Life is very simple, highly successful men, have and continue to agree, in making it complicated. Not because they like it that way, but because they believe it’s required to stay on top.

Do most people have the capacity to multi-task like we do? Perhaps, but do they have the confidence to take the kind of risks it takes to always go after what we want? 

But the real question is… Do Highly Successful Men Have a Disadvantage? Meaning, can you train yourself to get the most out of life to the point that you can’t slow down?

As a highly successful man, I used to believe productivity meant worthiness. I used to always be thinking, planning, anticipating, seeking for new ways to get more out of every single moment. It got to the point that I actually believed I was enjoying living under that kind of pressure. And as long as I was having success, I didn’t know to what degree it was affecting my life and the people that matter the most to me.

Although there are great benefits to that kind of thinking machine living, there is a place and a time for it, ONLY if you can somehow be able to switch off your mind at your request!

But the down side is it’s extremely dangerous. Once you train the mind to be constantly going in that mode, it’s quite challenging, to stop it at any particular moment.

That brings up a new question. Is the business of living about living, or about business?

I am NOT going to answer that question because that’s for you, and only you to determine. My intention is to increase the level of your awareness regarding this highly important matter, so you can make a more ACCURATE decision after completing this post.

But I am extremely clear about this… the true meaning of FULLY living, requires your Conscious Awareness.

Let me give you a few simple examples to help you overcome the filters within your mind that are trying to convince you differently because that’s what they do.

Whatever it is that you enjoy most doing in your life always requires your Conscious Awareness.

Let’s pick food, since most people can relate to that. You can be sitting down having your favorite dish, cooked by your favorite chef, at the right temperature and at the right time, and even when you’re extremely hungry. But if you eat it, while you are talking on your cell, or having a conversation with another person, there is only so much attention that you can allocate to the flavoring and enjoyment. Simple, but I believe makes it clear to understand.

Let’s do another example. How about sex. You would never consider making love to your spouse while talking on the phone or watching TV. Why? Because you know the more conscious awareness you bring to the moment, the greater it feels for you, and equally important, for your partner. That one really got you thinking! LOL

But what happens to highly successful people is that when you spend most of your time in your head, even when you’re not necessarily thinking, the mind is still distracted, even when you’re engaging in other things.

Let me give you another perspective, that plays out the opposite. There are certain things we can do to ourselves, and others, including the people we care the most, that will NOT be possible, unless your mind had you disconnected. And when I say your mind has you disconnected, it’s because most people go about life, believing they are their minds. Instead of seeing their mind like a highly efficient tool.

Let’s try smoking. If people who smoke bring Conscious Awareness to what they’re doing WHILE they’re dong it to themselves, and the extent of such destructive act on their part, it wouldn’t be long, before they couldn’t do it anymore. And they will quit smoking, even as addictive as some people believe it is.

Or for that matter, let’s make it even more simple. Let’s say you are having a conversation with your spouse or children, and there are so many things going on in the back of your mind, it prevents you from being fully present. If you were to be consciously aware of what it does to the other person to feel unimportant/unworthy/unloved, you couldn’t continue to do it, and specially for as long as some people actually do it.

The list may be longer than perhaps you want to acknowledge. Unfortunately we see in life that which unconsciously interests us the most and pass blindly that which deep inside will bring us the richest kind of life.

“Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.” ~Author Unknown

An older man met this very attractive young women. She easily could have been his daughter. His family was devastated, and concerned that she was more interested in his financial wealth, rather than in his companionship.

They decided to have a private and honest conversation with him when he announced they were getting married. They thought at his age, his health, specially the matter of death could be what could get the older man’s attention.

They went on and on telling him about how many other couples with such a huge difference in age have resulted in death from having sex. That thought finally got to his attention.

He sat back in the chair and reflected deeply for a few minutes on what his family and friends had told him. Then he got up and said to them, “Well, if she dies, she dies.”

All joking aside, the truth of the matter is that unless you learn how to take control back of your superior mental faculties and powers, you will be blindly participating in meaningless activities, away from what you say matters to you the most.

You will face, like many other highly successful men, the stressful consequences of desiring one thing, but looking for ways to justify your lack of congruency that leads you to lack of following thru with what it takes to have it.

You will wake up wanting to put an end to your compulsive behaviors, but finding yourself quickly falling back into the old traps.

You know what you want, and yet you are afraid you may never be able to do it. You’re letting down the people you care the most, and although it hurts you deep inside, you don’t see your way out in a way that honors your true values.

Can you have the best of both worlds? Can you actually continue or become even better at what makes you highly successful, while at the same time develop the ability to bring Conscious Awareness in to your moment by moment life? YES YOU CAN! You are well equipped to handle both.

The same way you have developed certain abilities to make you a highly successful man, I have developed the abilities to coach you in bringing honor and pride into the decisions you will make from now on. Together, yet without anyone knowing, I can help you gain that kind of self discipline back!

Unleash your potential,


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