Delicious Food: The Natural Way to Keep Your Children’s Doctor Away

Delicious Food: The Natural Way to Keep Your Children's Doctor Away

Delicious Food: The Natural Way to Keep Your Children's Doctor Away

“…in serving the best interests of children, we serve the best interests of all humanity.” Carol Bellamy

The moment I tell people that our entire family is Vegan and that our kids have NEVER eaten meat or dairy, their reaction is quite interesting to say the least. The questions begin right away, along with the many faces. LOL

From the West Coast to the East Coast and to the Caribbean. People really don’t know all the tremendous benefits of eating this way, but more interesting. They think we eat a bunch of boring food!

When my wife, Kalyani, and I decided to have children we took some classes, read books and basically did our own research regarding NUTRITION!

We felt very strong about learning all these things to a greater degree than we already did, but we believe it was even more important to take on the journey ourselves, instead of believing what anybody else could tell us.

Like everything else we do, once we made the DECISION, we never looked back and we stayed committed to the journey!

We cleansed our bodies thru different processes and went completely RAW for one year before becoming pregnant.

After that first year we incorporated a Vegan diet with as much Raw food as possible, but without feeling like we were depriving ourselves and then our kiddos.

After 16 years and 2 healthy children, (10 and 13), we stand by the results, not by judgements.

Our kids have NEVER seen a doctor from the day they were born, neither have we, unless Kalyani have chosen to have something done. That will be another post. LOL

They don’t get infections, allergies or any of the crazy things we hear other parents talk about. They probably get one cold a year, very mild that only lasts a day or so. It’s truly amazing.

Let me just be very clear! Our kids have NEVER eaten meat or dairy in their lives. They’ve NEVER seen a doctor (other than being born) or had any ‘shots’ or medicine of any kind.

They travel with us every where we visit or live, and no matter where we are, we find a way to stay truthful to our Raw Vegan Lifestyle.

Here is another eye opener. I do most of the cooking and preparing for our whole family. That’s the way it’s been from day one because I really enjoy it and Kalyani doesn’t. But she does make the most kick-ass breakfast smoothies everyday! We’ve never taken any classes on how to prepare our food, and we don’t pay anyone to cook for us at home either.

Depending where we are, we find Farmer’s Markets and local stores and get creative. I don’t even follow recipes, neither do I have my own recipes. Many times I can’t even duplicate the same flavor twice because I just go with my inspiration and taste when I’m making it.

That’s exactly why when people ask me for recipes, I can only give them the ingredients, if even that. LOL

So I finally decided to go through my iphoto events and pick some photos with the intention to inspire more PARENTS to take a closer look . So I though if I make a small gallery, you can see for yourself the unlimited amount of things that you can easily make for your family.

So you will see that we don’t only eat a bunch of fruits and vegetables, not that there is anything wrong with that, but that’s the number one question people usually ask.

Having two homeschooled children from day one, which means that they eat all their meals at home, it needs to be not only delicious, but also interesting to the eye. It’s quite fascinating that when ever our kids have friends {traditional eaters} come over to our house, they love the food I make them. And in most cases they come back for more.

I want to finish by highlighting that I personally don’t like labels. I don’t consider myself Vegan or Rawfoodist. For me it’s very SIMPLE. And I value simplicity tremendously. My family is the most important thing in my life and I will do anything that keeps them healthy and happy.

And that’s why I also like to share with my clients and occasionally with strangers. Specially if I know they are parents because no one likes to see their children sick or experiencing unnecessary mental or physical health conditions.

But I also DON’T believe in violence. So I don’t like to participate in any business or industry that promotes or commits acts of violence against anyone, including animals. I don’t judge others that do, but I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe either.

I hope you enjoy the gallery and it inspires you to take action immediately. Like anything else new, at the beginning it requires some new creativity and adjusting, but that’s nothing compared to the tremendous benefits and the impact it will have in your family for years to come!

Unleash your potential,


P.S. If you like what you see, please share with other parents.

P.P.S. If you’d like to know more about how I can help you incorporate this in your life, check out my Programs and Courses, as some of the programs can include this component.



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