Bigger Picture Or Just a Coincidence?

“Synchronicity is an inexplicable and profoundly meaningful coincidence that stirs the soul and offers a glimpse of one’s destiny.”— Phil Cousineau 

Out of billions of people in this world…  Was meeting Kalyani just a coincidence, or was it part of a greater Intelligence? I know my answer, but I’ll share the story and then you can decide what you think.

I was supposed to be going to Mexico to visit a friend I met when she was living in California. Her sister was getting married and she invited me to come and see this beautiful beach town she had talked to me about.

I had been in and out a very intense relationship for a while and I was ready to move on with my life. I told myself, “what a better way to get my mind clear, than to spend 10 days down in Mexico.” Yea right!!!

The day before I was supposed to leave, it was actually a Thursday, I began to question the whole thing. Not only I had plane tickets paid, but I had a friend who was very excited that I was coming…

This is when it gets interesting. At least it is now. Back then it was insane!

Believe it, or not, by the end of that day I was on the phone explaining to my friend in Mexico why I had decided not to take the trip. I felt horrible. But something within me knew that I was meant to do something else.

Although I couldn’t quite figure out what exactly was happening, at some level I knew if I wanted things to change in my life, I had to do things differently! I had been working on developing in me, the same qualities I was looking for in another person, but something was not clicking yet. It was “Soul Search Time” if you know what I mean?

Your life Begin when...

I quickly arranged a 10 days camping trip by myself. I had a membership that allowed me to stay at different campgrounds nationally, including in the Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada area of northern California and I had made up my mind to do it.

My intuition told me it was time to be alone and I had developed the discipline to follow through with it. I wanted to be closer to nature, spend time meditating and best of all, stay away from the ability to change my mind. I had felt like that before, but this time the voice inside was louder than the noises in my head.

I had gone on nature trips like this quite a few times after my divorce, and I knew the hard part was to convince myself to do it, because once I was there, I always had a great time.

At the beginning of my trip, and even when I was already there, my mind was having a field day with me. Talk about a roller coaster of thoughts, feelings and everything in between. I don’t know how long it lasted, but I questioned my decision every hour for what seemed like days. There were times I almost talked myself into coming back to my place in Silicon Valley and call someone to go out with. After all, I was still on vacation and I could easily do whatever I wanted with my time off.

A few times while hiking I didn’t get to talk to another human being for more than a day. No TV, no phone and none of the old ways of getting disconnected from my emotions. I was determined and the universe was conspiring to make it happen.

I was left with the biggest addiction of them all… Thinking! A mind who was freaking out because I didn’t want to participate in creating any more drama. She was definitely having a panic attack and she made sure I over analyzed my whole entire life. Little by little the noise in my head got quieter. Clarity showed up without me calling her…

By the end of the journey and eight days into my trip, I was inside my sleeping bag, in the back of my truck looking at a meteor shower having what you can call an out of body experience. I couldn’t remember when was the last time I felt that good and most importantly, I had started a new relationship with myself. I felt loved, confidence and a sense of security in me like nothing I ever experienced before. Or at least, that I could remember since my childhood in Puerto Rico.

I was so pumped up about how I was feeling that I decided to cut my trip short half a day to take care of a few things back at home before going back to work on Monday (that was back when I had a job). I didn’t know what was about to happen, but even if I tried, there is no way I could have orchestrated the next series of events. Life has a way of knowing what’s in your heart, better than you do.

I got home Saturday night and Sunday morning I went to this cool New Thought church I knew, but I had not visited for a while. After the service I drove north to pick some prescriptions and that’s when I decided to stop and surprise my younger sister with a quick visit. After all I had not seen her in a few months.

As I drove into her driveway I saw the door to her house open. She and her husband were actually minutes, perhaps seconds away from leaving their house to visit a friend who had just come back from a sabbatical trip down in Mexico and they were throwing a welcome back party for her.

I know you are wondering what happened next? Believe me, it gets better!

She invited me to the party, but remember I had other things to do. Although I wasn’t really planning to attend (of course I didn’t tell my sister that at the time), I wrote down the address quickly before I left. I was probably there for not even ten minutes.

After that, I drove back south to San Jose to see my best friend’s wife. He had died a few years ago, and once in a while I would check up and see how she was doing. Surprisingly to me, she had to go visit her dad, so between driving and visiting, it took me less than an hour. Don’t ask me how, but it did.

In the same mysterious way, I found myself driving to the party, even though that was something I normally wouldn’t do. You see, I had 4 years of sobriety at the time and going to a place where people would be drinking wasn’t my kind of thing.

The place was up in the Los Altos Hills which was not close from where I was. I’m talking at least forty five minutes. On the other hand, I was only ten minutes from my apartment, if even that. But when something is meant to happen, nothing can get in the way. And once you set an intention, and you align your body, mind, emotions and energies in the same direction, the ways things unfold  is quite fascinating.

You realize life doesn’t happen to you. It’s always happening with and for you!

I arrived to the house, got out of my car, knocked on the door and the woman who opened the door was not only my sister’s good friend, that up to that day I had never met before, but she was also the one they were having the party for.

Radical Roldans 20 years ago

Today, more than 24 years later, she is my best friend, the mother of our two younger, precious children, my business partner, my sexy wife and we are celebrating our 20 years Anniversary.

Throughout the years together we have talked about all the possibilities… the extensive details and all the synchronicities that led to us meeting that day (BTW, this is just the short version) and we both know it was NOT an accident!!!

Remember the question… Do you believe it was our Bigger Picture or Just A Coincidence?


Love and appreciation, Darsana


P.S. I know deep in my heart that I came together with Kalyani to live our life purpose and to help others become all they want to become, achieve all the things that are most important to them collectively and have fun making the difference that only they can make. 

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    Great story. Very deep

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