“You Must Be The Change You Wish To See in The World”

“You Must Be The Change You Wish To See in The World”

I often contemplate this quote by Gandhi whenever my mind wants to go into judgement. As I meditate, expand my mind and embrace all the love and abundance that is around me regularly, I am present it with the realization that in order to receive greater level of awareness, I have to bring truth to the things that I don’t like in me and immerse in an environment that represents only the good in everything.

I understand that I have mental faculties that allow me to choose what I think, feel, and the actions I take about any given experience and therefore I have to take responsibility first for the results that are going on with me. I also have learned to accept that there is a Universal process in which changes require an inner transformation, and I enthusiastically open my self to become the new me that can handle such demands. Even though I have made many mistakes while playing this game I call life, I am always humble because no matter how much I have grown, I am just scratching the surface of my human potential; you can’t miss, what you have never experience.

I appreciate the opportunity to utilize this services and your interest on receiving my sincere gift. If anything, it’s my intention to share with you that changes begin within our self first. If you find yourself judging, just forgive yourself, understand that is an ego trick to keep you trap in this illusion, and quickly get connected with Truth.

Until next time, “Underneath The Illusions, Is The Desire to Be Happy”


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