Are you trying to change from the same mind creating the problems?

I wonder how many people try to change their live’s situations from the same mind creating the problem?

How Sneaky Can Your Mind Be?

I believe with everything that is it going in the world these days with Social Media and the internet in general. More people are realizing that what they used to think it was normal. Is not so normal anymore! And even if you have been in this journey for a while like me, it never stops. You discover, celebrate and continue to explore more…

I also understand at a more Spiritual level that we are all in different journeys and sometimes in different parts of the journeys. Having said that, I want to stay humble enough and recognize that this is an ongoing journey for me as well. Is learning how to embrace a level of uncertainty without being reckless in a way. For me is to stay committed to the best of my ability to live consciously!

But for those who are seeking answers, I want to bring more CLARITY as to why it’s so hard for people to breakthrough from some of the old programing and conditioning. Although they may or may not know why they do it, they know they are doing it. Something very powerful keep engaging them, (me included), in the same old mental patterns and consequently creating similar results.

How sneaky is your mind?

As a Coach, what I do for people is to give them REAL examples of what their mental patterns looks like so they can choose wisely how to replace them with accurate ones that will produce different results in their lives.

And the reason you can’t see them, just like I couldn’t see many of my owns, is because they have been created by the same mind that you are trying to use to understand them. Thats a BIG INSIGHT!

But since is not my mind and I am not blinded by the traits you believe are who you are… I can see way more clearly than you are able to at this point. Of course it helps that I have being learning and doing this for a very long time… But here comes the other HUGE INSIGHT! You can become the OBSERVER of your own mental patterns!

Before I go any further, let me just add that you are not alone. Humanly speaking we are all trained to rely very much in the world of senses. That’s why the things we can see are way more real than the ones we can’t see.

Mental patterns are very much like Metaphysics, Quantum Physics or Spirituality. Even when we talk about feelings like love! You know is real, but you don’t give it as much attention because you think in pictures. But when you have a picture of what they look like,  you literary have the ability to see it, understand it and the choice to replace it with one that actually serves you. YES! YES! YES!

Believe me when I tell you that when this happens, all of the sudden you FEEL INSPIRE and HOPEFUL!


When you are able to have such realizations…

  • You give birth to a new version of you that feels different about yourself.
  • You have the power to create different results in your life.
  • You have the joy to impact the lives of the people around you.
  • You will make a difference in all the people that will come in contact with you, in one way or another, for the rest of your life.

Thats the real POWER OF CHOICE!

Remember that you can’t choose from the same mind that created the problem. That is so CRUCIAL for you to understand. I have seem so MANY people struggle and suffer because they are trying VERY HARD, to change whatever it is going on in their lives from the same mind that it is creating those situations, feelings, thoughts, actions, etc…

I can’t highlight that enough! Thats the key!

Now the choice you have at this moment is to take some action, or let your mind tell you that although it makes sense, there is nothing you can do with this information.

One more GOLDEN INSIGHT! You know what it feels like and the results you are going to get by doing it the way you have been doing so far. And because you do… that makes it safe, comfortable, certain. Regardless of how helpless, frustrated, depressing it is.


But since you don’t know what I am telling you yet, it that makes it seem risky, uncomfortable, uncertain…

Guess what? Your mind doesn’t like that.

You know deep inside that there is a reason as to why you are becoming aware that the way you have been doing things is not serving you any more. You have learned through this blog alone tremendous insights of what I used to overcome many challenges in my own life and to help many others to do the same. Is time to make some decisions that will impact the rest of your life!

Personally I want to thank you for coming to my website and opening your self to a new part of your journey.

My question is, How are you going to feel if you don’t do anything different after you know this and what is going to happen with your life?

Unleash your potential,

Darsana Roldan


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