What Is The Happy People Game of Life?

Happy People

Imagine yourself playing a video game in which you have to experience certain things in order to reveal greater awareness to get to the next level. As you go on in the game, you learn that when you have certain experiences, you gain more energy. There are other experiences that make you weaker, therefore you remain at the same level. But the  the longer you keep doing them, it may cause you falling into lower levels.

As you go on, you choose to be enthusiastic about the game because you realize you are always learning, so in reality, you are always winning. Even the things you don’t like to experience, still teach you that you are moving away from how you like to FEEL.

As you play the game longer, you learn the TREMENDOUS VALUE of taking time in between to calm your mind so you can IDENTIFY with your TRUE IDENTITY! 

Consequently you develop an understanding of what are the experiences that make you stronger and receive greater awareness, and you move away from the ones that take away your energy and with it the ability to see things clearly.

Since you understand that it’s only a game, you place all your ATTENTION into having FUN. Once you get to a certain level, you realize that by assisting others to experience greater levels, you gain double the energy and the awareness that comes with it. So you find yourself creating a balance between experiencing greater levels and assisting others as well…

Rise by lifting others

Finally you reach a level in which you understand that the experiences you are having, you are the one creating them and that by assisting others to increase their awareness, is the only way to create greater ones for yourself.

Although this game has Infinite levels, there is ONE thing that was, is and will forever remain the same.

Since everything is energy, You, Others, the EXPERIENCES and everything included in the game, are ONE with WHAT created the game.

Maybe the purpose of life is to play and have fun, no matter what you are experiencing. Maybe that is the key that opens the door to discovering your purpose in life.

If you knew without a doubt that you are part of THAT which is INFINITE CREATION and therefore, by definition, you inherit within yourself everything you need to BE HAPPY, no matter whats going on in your life… would you be playing and having fun right now?

New Thought

If you have any other answer to this question other than YES, I want to INVITE you to quickly reach out, before you forget how to play completely. It is NORMAL to ENJOY feeling happy all the time in life and to find meaning in HELPING OTHERS!!!

Please don’t talk yourself out of reaching out, remember, we are having fun, because we have developed the awareness to understand that in order to continue playing the “Happy People Game of Life, we are here to help YOU!!!

Unleash your potential,


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