Are You Living a LIE? (Inspirational Quick Story)


“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” C.G. Jung

I once heard a story about a baby eagle who somehow end up at a barn farm and it was raised by a family of goose.

The story talks about one particular day in which there was a severe storm and as usual the baby eagle, now an adult Eagle, along with the rest of the goose’s family members were hitting back to the Barn for safety.

But something was DIFFERENT about this day. And it wasn’t the arrival of the stronger than usual winds, or the beginning of the heavy rain…

It was something withIN this amazing Eagle that was making her HEART beat so hard, that it forced her into questioning her reality at that point!

As she continue to leap toward safety, she realized the day had come, and she no longer could deny her SOUL!

She KNEW deep withIN, that unless she CLAIM her True Self, not only she couldn’t continue living the same life, but she wouldn’t be able to UNLEASH HER POTENTIAL!!!

Most importantly… She had the SPIRIT of an Eagle and nothing else could fulfill her life PURPOSE!


She began to fly like she never had before.The strong wind was attempting to intimidate her with every wing stroke she took, but something was different. This time she FELT her SOUL!

She knew with every cell on her physical body and with every ounce of her Spiritual Energy that she had no other CHOICE than to go for it…

And in that moment she DECIDED that if she was to die while CELEBRATING her True Self, it will be worth it, wiser and way more meaningful choice than to continue living a LIE!!!!!!

Unleash your potential,


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