The Advanced Option Of Dealing With Life Circumstances

“A fatalistic belief is contagious, and when man submits to its influences, believing that the circumstances around him are stronger than the power within him, that man is defeated before the race is run.” Raymond N. Holliwell

Today I am writing to the person with a higher level of awareness who already recognizes there is a power withIN and all it needs are a few insights on how to use it practically to change the circumstances in his/her life to a greater degree than others do. Perhaps some of us aren’t at that point yet in which we can say to the mountain move, and it will move. But we are at that point in which we can explain how we have altered the circumstances in our lives considerably, and continue to inspire others to do even greater, for the progression of all Life.

Circumstances do happen, and they are as real as the air you breath, but they are not stronger than the power running through all of us, as long as you believe they are not.

This Inner Power of life has had many names and people throughout our history have found it extremely essential to point us in that direction. Plato refers to it as the Good and the Beautiful, Aristotle as Being, Plotinus as the Infinite, St. Bernard of Clairvaux as the Word, and Ralph Waldo Emerson as the Oversoul.

In Taoism it is called the Tao, in Judaism Ein Sof. Among Australian aborigines it is called the dreamtime, among tribes of southern Africa Hunhu/Ubuntu.

The names may differ, but the inner reality they point to is one and the same.

Somehow, some of us come into this life closer or more determined to revealing a relationship with this power in a way that it’s personal. The great thing about doing what it takes to reveal such self realizations is that others will benefit from it to the degree they allow it. Collectively we all benefit regardless; it’s a matter of degree, not of chance.

The specifics as to how we find ourselves in certain circumstances is not something I will go into in this post, but I’ll tell you one thing, which ever circumstances they are, they are definitely not here to define us and certainly not here to deny us from our own good. Quite the opposite!

Here is the Advanced Option. The idea is to keep it simple and practical, so you can immediately begin the application. I have heard quite some people say, we are not our story, I completely understand, but I believe our stories hold precisely the best scenario for each of us individually to rise above them. Not only they point us in the direction of what we need to transcend, but they also provide us with opportunities to do it upon our request.

That statement is not intended to inspire you, but to describe the conviction you must develop…

Whenever confronted with a challenge/circumstance, find the discipline and intuition to embrace it. You heard me right. Embrace them means… that you will consciously tell your mind that you’re convinced that what ever is going on with you in that moment, whether it’s an argument with your spouse or a bankruptcy, it has withIN your ability to get what you need from it and consequently transmute it into something evolutionary.  The advanced option works for any circumstances, whether you think it’s small or big.

If it’s happening, it means then, that the intelligence within you is ready and has a greater capacity to transcend it, when you truly recognize that it is here just to provide you with that specific possibility you truly desire. Not to punish you or test you. Living without ever knowing these things are limiting your thriving.

This is the price most people pay for the tendency to blame someone or something outside of themselves. And for seeing themselves as being SEPARATE from this power within. That’s counterproductive to the evolution of your Individual Soul and it stalls the evolution of all humanity.

But to transcend a circumstance, does NOT necessarily mean that in that moment it will change the way things are on the physical realm. It means in that moment it no longer has you imprisoned. You have risen above the circumstance and it no longer has power over you.

The more things you transcend, the more energy you withdraw from your mind state into your conscious state. Gradually fears will leave and tranquility will flow free.

You realize they are a byproduct of your individual mind and the collective mentality. You on the other hand are way above and beyond the physical world. That’s not a philosophy. That’s the truth. At one point or another, you will feel this truth from withIN, if you haven’t already.

Transcending circumstances has given me opportunities of becoming more aware that I AM the one observing the so called story unfold. As an observer, I have the ability to alter the qualities of the experiences.

I can finally call upon the ability to choose at request. This is not idealistic, this is practical and possible.

It’s very important for you to fully grasp, that although by observing you may not change the circumstances in that precise moment, but by becoming the observer, the experiencer’s (meaning your humanity) relationship with that moment has. Not only for you, but for all humanity. The degree is what varies.

Remain powerfully flexible like the water when circumstances show up, embracing instead of judging, but firm in your conviction. Your conviction will continue to open you to see what your mind is constantly filtering and the ways in which it invalidates you.

Again this is your Advanced Option. This circumstance between the real you and your mind, is the bigger of all circumstances. When you transcend the mind, the mind becomes the powerful tool it’s meant to always be.

“When we go beyond the mind and experience our true self, we are connecting to the creative source of all life. From there all of our thoughts are evolutionary. Deepak Chopra

There are Laws in this world. If I jump out of an airplane today, without the proper training and equipment, I will die. But just because everyone believes more in what they see as reality, doesn’t mean that one day circumstances will no longer be as awful and limited as they are today for the rest of humanity. We just have to keep believing we are one with this unseen Inner Power that creates worlds and use our Superior faculties to shape a different reality for all of us.

Unleash your potential,


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