Can Being Super Happy Make Others Crazy?

Cat and Boy“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” ~ Jane Goodall

For MANY years I tried very hard to break free from the mind, and by the mind I mean my own thoughts. I read the books, attended the seminars, and did just about ANYTHING seeking for the answer… , but when you get to a certain level, you really have to give birth to your answers!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for every person, from teachers to coaches, from my wife to my kids. So many people, in so many ways and levels, helped me, but at one point, I had no other choice than to dig deeper withIN myself!!!

To what extend? I HAD NO IDEA!!! I really didn’t, but that was good, because otherwise I would have probably not be willing to let go of all the FEARS along the journey!!!

Let me just say quickly.  I take NO conscious credit for HOW the Intelligence IN and AROUND ME, provided me with the opportunities that allowed me to keep going and digging until ultimately I was able to REVEALED, UNDERSTAND, and FEEL  a greater understanding…

What I do FEEL content and excited about is the determination and courage I developed to go as far as I have gone.

So what happened next? Well… SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!

What do I mean? First of all, I realized that talking to other people about it could be a little challenging. My mind keeps trying to get me to think that what I know now is NOT real, and that if I tell other people about it, I will sound like I am crazy!

And to be honest, people’s minds do play all kinds of crazy games with them, without them knowing. So is not that I want to make anyone crazy, their minds take care of that all on their owns. LOL !!!!!!!!!!

In the other hand, I don’t really need any recognition, because that comes from the mind, and since I no longer IDENTIFY myself with the mind, than that compulsive need is dyeing quickly!!!

New ThoughtBut although I truly understand that not everyone is ready for this stuff, I have a great desire to help others for 3 HUGE REASONS:

1. I know what it is like to be seeking for answers and not find them.!!!

2. I now can honestly compare the old and the new way of EXPERIENCING the world, and I am committed to helping others because the TRUTH is that LIVING CONSCIOUSLY ROCKS!!!

3. And I do believe this is something that I came to this life to do, and I am committed to continue doing my part.!!!!!

So I am really interested in giving those who are, something tangible that you can IMMEDIATELY start using to get you the the greatest momentum to ignite the ENTHUSIASM you need to take on this amazing journey…

Let me just quickly set CLEAR the foundation for this work, with the intention that you have something to start from!!!

We have been guided, throughout our lives, to believe and live as though we are SEPARATE from Life Itself and consequently we have created, and moment by moment, continue to IDENTIFY ourselves with MIND MADE IDENTITIES!!!!

These IDENTITIES are self created and self driven and they have embedded a “set of instructions” withIN, just like a virus. They also connect to other similar IDENTITIES within the Collective Mentality of others as well. I will talk about that in another post.

They are very hard to DETECT, because they are created withIN the Egoic mind and because we are conditioned to think in a certain way.

You may say, “I heard that before”. So did I.

But here is the key… since our biggest tendency is to always be THINKING, every time I thought about what to think differently, or took any action to set myself free, or for that matter feel more connected, I was actually IDENTIFYING myself with another IDENTITY, and by doing so, I was remaining trap within these FALSE IDENTITIES!

Let me explain a little bit more. When your bring Conscious Awareness, (Consciousness) into your present moment, with enough clarity and understanding, you are able to observe and recognize these identities for what they want to be. Then at that point you can choose(Superior Mental Faculty) to PLAY a role, from the Collective Consciousness realm, which is infinite creativity.

But if you don’t. Your mind takes over you and uses the pre-programed information within that identity o run you and your life. By doing so you surrender unconsciously all your Superior Mental faculties, and your Super Natural Emotional Powers. There is no life here. You actually are operating in the Collective Mentality realm that most people operate from.

That’s the reason we have so many people feeling  powerless, depressed,  addicted and disconnected!!! This is the mind identity state we live and are now evolving from.

The first step to take is to… BRING CONSCIOUS AWARENESS TO THE LIFE FEELING FROM WITHIN as you go about doing what it is that you need to be doing. That will begin to take your current level of awareness to the next level in which you will begin to recognize these identities and how they are compulsively co-creating your current reality! 

Your mind can NOT do this. ONLY YOU CAN!!!

Does that feels right? Are you following me so far? If not, read the previous statement slowly and ALLOW yourself to be in silent and stillness with it until you are able to FEEL the meaning of it!

Accountability FB

The longer I continue to bring conscious awareness, feel and experience what is to live that way, the more connected I feel and the less vulnerable I am to the other false identities’s abilities to control my life and outcome. I see for them what they are, (no need to resist or put them down), I get to choose how to play, or not, any role, and I get to give birth to a new consciousness as me.

Here is another part that I believe you will find meaningful and valuable… This is the only thing I am doing differently, and now I have MORE energy than ever before.

And you know what more energy means? You got it! It means unleashing your true potential while everybody else is busy looking for things or people in outer world to give them what they THINK they need!!!

Life is

Here are the 3 Radical Steps that I want to give you so can get started IMMEDIATELY!!!!

1. Strategically reset the FILTERS within your conscious mind that are responsible from “Deleting, Distorting and Generalizing’ the information in and around you, so you can use them to clearly identify these identities as they try to run your life.

2. Immediately take to the next level whatever type of technique you use (Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, etc.), that allows you to slow down your mind to the point that you begin to dis-activate their power over you. Remember they have within a set of instructions with beliefs, memories, feelings, re-actions, fears, etc. JUST OBSERVE THEM. Your ATTENTION withdraws energy from them and back into YOU.

3. Here is the kicker… Use the EMOTION, (Energy in motion, meaning Life as you feel it withIN) / to CONSCIOUSLY develop a greater awareness about the grandiosity withIN and around YOU!

You do this 3 Radical Steps consistently long enough, and you will transform and energize your life in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine!!!!

And if you get some kind of weird reaction from people, oh well, have compassion because you know what it is like!!!!

Unleash your potential,



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