3 Powerful Insights on “HOW TO” Get Rid of the PAIN!!!

Colorful Serenity

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 

One of the things that I noticed with people who finally get to the point in which they want to find out “HOW TO” get rid of the pain from what ever is going on with them, is that they want it NOW!!!

And I want to be straight out honest,  I am about to give you 3 Powerful Insights, things that depending on where you are, meaning your awareness and current overall state, they will transform you into a new person, but things like this, that are so meaningful to most people, required your CONSCIOUS participation.

Otherwise, why do you think there are soooooo many people in this world confused, depressed and/or addicted!

Let’s jump right on it!

#1 – FOCUS TARGET ATTENTION!!!! From this moment forward  give this information a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF ATTENTION, because without it, it means nothing!!! ATTENTION in my opinion and experience, it is probably the most UNDERRATED Super Natural Powers of the human equation. Through the power of ATTENTION you can literary do magic!!!!

I say this all the time and I am going to say it again, “Energy flows where attention goes”. Imagine yourself being like a Super Hero. And your super power is, “The ability to FOCUS your mind and feel/deliver laser target ATTENTION.”(FTA)

Here is one of the most important aspects of attention, and one that most people missed.  You give attention to what you want, not what your don’t want. Don’t feel, think, talk, resist, neglect or anything else when it comes to the PAIN you are dealing with. Instead develop the ability to give your attention to the TRUTH, and build your new life upon that practice!

I will explain what the TRUTH is in the next insight, but before I move on, I want to share a quick, but magical practice that you can begin using immediately.

Bring your FTA, (Focus Target Attention), to the physical part in your body where you FEEL the greatest intensity of emotional PAIN. For example, when I am dealing with a situation in which I feel let’s say sad, rejected, or angry, I close my eyes and bring my FTA to my physical body. Where is it that I feel the greatest amount of pain? Sometimes I feel a strong pressure in my forehead, or an intense knot on my stomach. Thats what I am talking about. WithOUT getting your head in it, all you do is bring the FTA to it, and just be mind blown by what happens next…


#2 – ALLOW THE TRUTH!!!! What’s the truth? Well the truth for everyone is different,(individual mind perspective), but when I use the TRUTH with capital letters, I mean the Life in YOU!!!!!

No matter what religion, science, philosophy, or what ever else, there is a Life withIN you. From the moment your heart started bitting “something” I call Life Itself, has been keeping you going.

This Life it is more POWERFUL than your individual mind can grasp or comprehend. At any given time it is doing over 100 trillion calculations per second.

Do you SERIOUSLY believe that whatever you are dealing with right now it can NOT be handle by this SUPER NATURAL POWER WITHIN WHO YOU ARE?

Thats the TRUTH as I feel it and know it to be. That’s what I have been activating and allowing to transform my life for the last 25 years.

That’ s right! If you look up the word, “Self Destructive” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of me when I was 27 years old right next to it. So now you know why I am qualified to give you these powerful insights, and why I am passionate about helping others. I know what it is like with every cell of my body, to feel so much PAIN that the only reason I didn’t kill myself, is because DESTINY was on my side.

Slow Your A** Down

#3 SLOW YOUR A** DOWN!!!! Give yourself a break for once, meaning your Life withIN. You, and every body else, are so caught up in so many thoughts and things, that no wonder why you “can’t smell the roses”.

How you ever experienced watching a movie and someone is just constantly talking to you. The moment he or she start talking to you, you miss the next line and then you panic and then you feel frustrated and then they keep talking, and between not wanting to hurt their feelings and you trying very hard to know what’s going on, you are a mess!!!

Stress out?… you are way beyond that… you are bomb waiting to go off!!!

Well… that is pretty much what it’s probably going on with you right now. You are so busy in the head that you are unaware of your true potential. You are so crazy thinking and reacting because you have relinquished your whole, entire life to your, (limited), individual mind!

My point is that you have what it takes to get rid of the pain, – use the journey to expand your growth, – and liberate yourself from whatever you are ALLOWING to control your life!

But your Life within is saying to you, “SLOW YOU A** DOWN, WE ARE MOVING TOO FAST, WAIT TOO FAST”, before you end up having to deal with worst physical, emotional or psychological consequences. Not to mention Spiritual!

You are that POWERFUL, but part of this journey is for you to develop the awareness required to TRANSMUTE what you currently DEALING with, into what ever it is that you need to take your life to the next level!!!!

But like I said at the beginning, these are powerful insights, but they required ‘conscious awareness and application’ on your part. Use them like your life depends on it, because it does…

How much longer do you think you can go on feeling the way you do now? 

Unleash your potential,


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