3 COMPULSIVE Obstacles For Married Men To Overcome!

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.” Chinese Proverb

Most of us men grow up bombarded by the same things that later on, if not understood and transcend properly, become obstacles to building and enjoying the life we crave deep inside. The majority of these things are unconsciously (sometimes consciously) governing the choices we make day by day, so compulsively, that it almost seems natural to most people.

Let me just briefly add, that even when you don’t act on all, or some of these things, they still block you from developing the emotional connection required to experience life fully and with it the ability to thrive in some aspects of your life.

Obviously this post is NOT intended to put anyone down, it’s actually quite the opposite. My intention is to bring awareness and help others realize there are things you can do, in a very short amount of time, that will give you the understanding, determination and contentment you need to overcome them.



1. Continuous physical and sexual attraction towards women and with it the limiting beliefs and disempowering attitude about women’s value, contribution and unlimited potential, in our lives and the world.

2. Exhausting need to compete, be better, and know more than others – in our families, friendships and our careers/businesses.

3. Tendency to approve violence against others, animals and our natural resources through the use of things like justification, coercion, manipulation, intimidation, retaliation and power.

There is no mystery as to why we have so many men struggling with their own happiness, marriages and goals, because deep rooted within our psyche and beliefs, we live in so much conflict between what our heart desires, and our world tell us. Unfortunately that’s exactly what we are teaching our younger generations.”Boys will be boys”.

If that wasn’t enough, all the media ATTENTION supports and portrays the fact that society completely associates these things as part of what men are and what they do. Men are just Pigs, Weak, Cheaters, Violent, Liars, Disconnected, Assholes, Self Centered, Selfish and Egotistical creatures that can’t do any better. And we compulsively continue to accept it as though we are willingly hypnotized forming part of a larger conspiracy to keep humanity divided and unaware of our true potential.

Nothing can be farther from the truth, but as I often say, “It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know, that makes the difference”.

Unleash your potential,


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P.P.S. Original Art from the graphic uploaded to Google images by howtogeek.com

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