The #1 Advantage of Every Family Man

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  ~ Neale Donald Walsch

I have always been fascinated with how people, (specially men), respond to CHANGE. In many cases it’s treated like a bad word. But it’s ONLY if the particular person is not the one recommending the change. If it’s their idea, then they are all over it, trying to convince every one else as to why they should be open to the change.

And although most people know that everything in this world is constantly changing, most people are afraid of change.

But how can you desire anything different than what you’re currently experiencing, withOUT striving to change in any way?

Unfortunately because of their fear to change, there are many, many men who live and die, and never seek out to learn anything different about the most important thing in their entire life, their family (marriage and children). They take on what ever was handed over to them, with a light modification,  usually based on their personal experiences when growing up, and they make it their own. And they defend it like it’s attached to their pride.

They keep doing the same thing over and over again, not even questioning how much do they have to do with what’s going on with their lives, refusing change like it’s synonymous to weakness and/or failure.

Some go as far as saying, “I don’t want to change. This is the way I am, and no one is going to change me.”

I have seen many of them destroy their lives, but those who rise above, usually don’t do it for themselves, they do it because within every man there is a thriving force to love and support their families. Somehow these men have developed the Superior Mental faculties and Super Natural Powers to connect to this thriving force.

I personally have had my share of adversities and challenges in my life. And there were times I seemed to be heading for absolute self destruction. But it wasn’t until I met Kalyani that I felt inspired to change some deeper issues. And once we decided to bring kids together into this world, I never felt more motivated to transcend the past and thrive to become a better husband and father. I discovered a new level of determination unknown to many people.

To be honest with you, looking back, most of the times I knew there were some things that I was doing that eventually will have to change. Once in a while I will have what I call a moment of clarity. I will be driving, or going for a hike, and all of a sudden I would think about it and then tell myself that I was going to change what ever it was at the time. Unfortunately I didn’t have a strong powerful force like my wife and kids and I will go right back into what I knew how to do. I think they call that, the comfort zone. Although as Kalyani once said to me, ‘The comfort zone is not that comfortable.”

Since the Law of Life is neutral, meaning that it will not pick sides for anyone, I would continue to use my inherited faculties and powers against my own wellbeing. Does that sound familiar to you?

So I know today that I owe a great deal of the success I have achieved to my family. They are definitely my inspiration. It was because of what they mean to me, that I finally pushed myself into doing what seemed impossible to others.

Don’t get me wrong, you and only you will have to make these changes from within, but it will be through your relationship with your wife and children that you will discover the hidden issues that are blocking your vision. I call those, Blind Spots.

Also, to be able to be on top of your game as a loving, supportive husband and father, you inevitably will have to bring out the best in you. And the Law of Life compensates those who help themselves. There is no limit to your potential and if you focus your attention into loving and supporting your family above everything, and I mean everything, you are going to tap into the most powerful source ever.

I can guarantee you that you will definitely have more than your share of inspiration, motivation and determination, if and when, you make the decision to change your priorities and make your family, the center of your life. This means to re-evaluate your whole entire life.

And you may be thinking. That’s crazy, there are many things that I like to do that doesn’t necessarily involve my family. I need that, or who will I become?

Don’t worry, you will know what would be the things that will remain as part of your life, and which are the ones that you’re doing that are sabotaging what you say is the most important thing in your life, and with it the ability to activate an unlimited amount of resources within.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you knew me personally you will know that I am always with Kalyani and our children. Why? It’s simple! They keep me thriving and I’m so connected to my heart desires now, that I choose not to miss out on anything that truly matters to me.

Besides, old habits, which I call old false identities, die hard. They are always waiting to find you in some weak state of mind to get you right back on track to the way it used to be. These self sabotaging patterns have been with you for so long, that in many cases they go on automatic mode, without you even knowing, unless you have yourself a plan.

Remember, it’s not that I don’t believe you are capable of changes on your own. We are human, and human beings have been conditioned and programmed for generations to surrender our inner powers constantly.

It’s for that reason that at the beginning, it will be wise and essential to connect daily, sometimes moment by moment, to the thriving mode that your family connects you with. As you continue in this journey, your confidence and the joy that you feel will inspire to take on greater goals for you and your family.

Very soon you will embrace change because you will realize you are unlimited Spiritual energy, ever seeking to be more of yourself, in a temporary physical body, always seeking to be conscious of the extent of Life in and around you.

Let me finish by summarizing the essence of this blog post. When you recognize your family as the center of your life. Meaning that you ALL work together as a family in deciding what are the most appropriate life choices that support the family as a whole, dormant forces and supernatural resources will come alive and they will help you discover the true meaning of success in all aspects of your life. That’s the #1 Advantage of Every Family Man.

Until then, whatever success you may believe to be achieving, later on it will only turn into regrets.

Unleash your potential,


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