Finally! Five Revolutionary Steps to Find your Own Answers and Do what you Came Here To Do

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Restore Your Inherent Settings

Nothing that you could ever do, have, or accomplish will ever substitute the deep feeling of freedom and fulfillment that comes from knowing deep within you that you have done what you came here to do. I read the books, attended the conferences, completed the therapies and even walked away from a life most people dream of. Only to find out that I had my own answers. And what I’ve come to do is be your powerful guide to show you how to restore your inherent settings that give you access to your own answers, so that you can do what you came here to do as well.

The Impossible Becomes Possible

When you utilize your 7 Intelligent Dimensions in coherence, you activate your natural Thriving Code to live a richly fulfilling and purposeful life that’s right for you.

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The Thriving Code podcast is dedicated to the heart centered, innovative adventurers on the quest to live both a spiritually rich and materially beautiful life that fully expresses our Divine uniqueness. Join us for leading edge conversations with actionable strategies that revolutionize how we activate our 7 Intelligent Dimensions, to be the person we most deeply want to be, do what we came here to do, and claim our unshakable power to thrive no matter what life circumstances we face.

Hello, I’m Darsana

Hand in hand with my wife, in addition to being visionary partners in life and business for 24 years, travel life educators to our children for 16 years, and authors of Ignite Your Relationship, Transform the World, we are Life Coaches for successful leaders, like us, who feel the urgent call to be an important role of meaningful impact in the world. After more than twenty years of consistently putting it to the test on ourselves and countless clients, through even the most intense life challenges, we developed our signature Thriving Code, the most innovative and advanced roadmap to tap into your higher levels of intelligence and kindness to be who you most deeply want to be and do what you came here to do, in a way that purposefully expands your influence, impact and income, and radically elevates the quality of your life, as well as humanity, animals and the planet. Through our writing, speaking, training, and master coaching, we show you how to marry the spiritual with the material and delight in the sacred of simplicity, to live a richly vibrant and fulfilling life that feels as amazing inside as it looks outside.

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Hire Darsana to deliver a powerfully inspirational and interactive program that expands perception and ignites transformational change.

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