The five strategic shifts for modern, conscious couples to experience spiritual vitality and fulfillment, and know for sure you’re being and doing the best for your family

[Without Giving Up the Lifestyle and Success You've Sacrificed So Much to Achieve]

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The Dynamic Dance of Your Humanity and Spirituality

Regardless of the level of success we achieve, and all the resources at our fingertips… Why do we find ourselves in a deep personal search to find that missing something? Today there’s a plethora of pop culture buzzwords and trendy practices aimed at making you think what you need is to change and transform your life, but the truth of what you really need, is coherence of all seven of your intelligent dimensions that decode the combination to your natural ability to thrive. Just like our DNA code carries the instructions to our own unique physical expression, each of us have our own unique Thriving Code that carries the instructions to feeling genuinely fulfilled, not sometimes, but all the time, [regardless of life circumstances], and living a healthy, vibrant life satisfying both our desire to continue experiencing greater success and our longing to be spiritually fulfilled.

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An evolutionary podcast dedicated to the modern, conscious couples on the quest to experience spiritual vitality in the midst of success, and thrive in the life you live now. Join us each week for moving, intimate conversations, as we delve deep, while keeping it light, with some of the most leading edge, paradigm shifting discussions designed to provoke, remind and empower you to reveal, expand and evolve your most genuine self.

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Hand in hand with my amazing wife, for 26 years, we've been visionary partners in life and business, and premier teachers of Modern Spiritual Vitality. In addition to being authors of Ignite Your Relationship, Transform the World, and travel life educators to our children, we are the principal Coaches & Consultants of our luxury consulting boutique. We assist our extraordinary clients to access their unique Thriving Code to live their most spiritually rich life that brings purposeful meaning to their influence, impact and income.

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