Darsana Roldan, Best Selling Author and Top Inspirational Success Coach

Best Selling Author, Life Visionary and Top Inspirational Success Coach

Darsana Roldan Savvy Biz. CoachI am currently  allocating most of my private practice time to mentoring highly successful men with children become even BETTER MEN.

When I first read that in the U.S. alone we have over 46, 500 thousands divorced every week, that’s 2.5 million broken homes every year, I realized then what I have been preparing for the last 21 years.

I can’t even imagine what would my life would be like, if I didn’t have my family as an inspiration with me every day. All the success would mean very little, if I couldn’t enjoy it with my wife and kids.

Not surprising to me, most highly successful men I talk to tell me that nothing in this world is more important to them than their wife and children, but somehow things get out of control, and bringing them back is not easy.

The truth is that when it comes to your marriage, family and legacy, you need higher end services. What I do, and the way I do it, will definitely Ignite Your Marriage, and Transform Your Life. I guarantee you that. Somehow we need to turn things around. Our children need us. The world needs thriving families shaping world leaders.

I am extremely successful in what I do, because I work with people who are determine to do what seems impossible to others. I specialize in results!

“Its not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know, what makes the difference.”

If your journey has been anything like mine, I know how much it means to find that one person that profoundly connects you with the clarity and understanding you are seeking to take your life to the next level. But in a way that no one needs to know. Privacy and confidentiality are that important to me.

I spend years going through a roller-coaster  of INACCURATE  perspectives, beliefs, feelings, thoughts, impulses and who knows what else. I felt different than most people I knew, but I didn’t think that with all the success I was having in the world,  that I could use my financial resources to get someone to help me with my personal issues.

Every time I achieved another material goal, the thrill was gone and the search for a new goal began all over again. After a while, it was depressing. Or every time I made a horrible decision, I have to deal with the guilt, remorse, and the terrible feelings that come from believing you are supposed to know it all.

I understand now that everything was and is part of a bigger plan. I get it! But I didn’t have to make myself wait as long as I did, because deep down inside, I was ready and willing for a big change.

“When people are ready and willing to change, they change. The same way that if they are not, you can’t make them. Or if they are, you can’t stop them”. 

Even when I became sober over 25 years ago, I did it because I wanted more out of my life than most people I knew. So even though people thought I was crazy because they didn’t think I had a problem, I was  in search of answers that have way more meaning to me personally.   

Thank God that I met Kalyani, because she meant so much to me, that she inspired me to worked harder than I ever did to transcend to what others justified as normal. And once we had kids, I went full force because I knew I had made a commitment to my precious kids for life.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t make bad decisions in the last 21 years since we been together, it means I am FULLY determine and committed to transcending and revealing greater level of awareness, because I love my family with every part of my being.

Going back to why you are here. I am not just talking about finding a person that can help you have more success in any particular aspect of your life or to accomplish some material goal alone. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Sometimes that’s exactly what you need to realize that you’re in search of something bigger.

But I am talking about helping you reveal deeper realizations, way more valuable and fulfilling. That FEELING of knowing, deep withIN yourself, that you are purposely entering into a level of awareness that surpasses mainstream beliefs, and you are consciously embodying a level of conviction that nothing or no one can ever take away from you… a BETTER MEN.

Just like me and Kalyani, there is a highly successful group of people, who have reached enough success in certain aspects of their lives to understand and recognized there is more to life than the world is telling them and therefore are willing to take their life and marriage to the next level.

If you are one of them, lets work together.

Unleash your potential,


P.S. Kalyani, my wife and I, as a team, also serve a very select one to one clients as needed. You can email me personally – darsana@darsanaroldan.com if this is the individual attention you’d like.

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