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“I truly believe the greatest contribution anyone can make to our world and the evolution of Consciousness is by the way we live our lives daily.”– Darsana Roldan

Darsana Roldan Why is it that some people choose to believe what others tell them and others don’t?

Why is it that some people choose to accept a certain lifestyle and others don’t?

Do we truly have the will to choose? And if we do, why not use it for our greatest good and for the best interest of all humanity, animals and the planet… the Bigger Picture?

I am going to tell you the first choice that I made that changed my life forever. Not so you can make the same choices, but with the intention to inspire you to make yours…

At the age of 27, my biggest decision, became my greatest revelation.

Let me tell you why. At the time, although I was continuing to achieve all my worldly goals, which made it even harder for friends and family to recognize I wasn’t activating my fullest potential, I knew deep inside that the drinking and partying was getting in the way. Like anything else before that, I really thought that I would be able to stop the moment I decided so, but I couldn’t. The truth is that for the first time in my life, I felt defeated. There was a gap between what I wanted, and what I was doing.

When you hurt people you care about and then turn around and not follow through with your promises… any other success means nothing. This battle went on for a few years and plenty of lawyers fees. The bottom line is I finally decided it was time to put myself through a 30 day program. From that day on I have remained sober for over 27 years, but that wasn’t the greatest revelation that I was referring to earlier. The greatest revelation was to self realize that I could overcome anything that my mind told me otherwise.

The reason that’s so important is because it took me on a completely different journey. I began to learn and understand our duality. I began to live in the realm of thriving possibilities, instead of struggling in the realm of predictability.

Think about it… According to my mind I couldn’t stay sober, even when I tried very hard to do it. And believe me, I tried. But the moment I went into that clinic I activated certain dormant forces  within myself that I didn’t know I had before. Surprisingly to everyone, I knew then that I would never drink or use again. Not because I couldn’t, but because I didn’t want to.

Just like that? SO what changed?

I became Self Aware. I began an inward journey that has profoundly impacted everything in my life and has allowed me to consistently increase my level of perception so I can explore deeper dimensions of my existence and continue to achieve success in all aspects of my life…

Instead of looking for ways of how to stay sober like most people I met in that clinic, I left after 30 days determined enough to live my life to the fullest, and that meant, I would no longer listen to anyone or anything, including my mind, tell me I couldn’t do something that intuitively felt that it was something I was meant to do.

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” Alan Alda

Quite often I talk to successful people in certain areas with great knowledge and intentions, who in their pursuit of happiness, fulfillment and the meaning of life, haven’t yet self realized they are NOT who they believe they are.

Consequently and consistently they live their lives having minimum access to their unlimited capacity. Even more important, despite all their worldly success, they can’t quite grasp why they often feel like something is missing at a deeper level.

There is also another group of people, who intellectually know they are not who their mind tells them they are, but yet haven’t revealed their True Self. Unfortunately they live their lives identifying with their minds interpretations as well, with only an occasional glimpse of self awareness.

All of our interpretations are solely based on the internal map of reality that we have, and not our real truth. Our map is a result of our personal life’s collective memories and filters embedded within our brains.

The human brain is a network of approximately over 1 billion neurons. Different experiences create different neuron connections which bring about different emotions and depending on which neurons get stimulated the connections become stronger (or weaker) and more efficient, allowing you to make what seems impossible to others, possible to you.

What I have experienced in my own journey is that choosing to be Self Aware is what allows my heart + brain capacity to continue the alteration of neural pathways and connections to my nervous system and with it my ability to expand to have the clarity required to seek and receive all that I need to become all that I’m meant to become.

Which brings me to the next component of my Bigger Picture.  How is it that out of billions of people in this world and out of the countless that I had come in contact with until I was 32 years old… somehow, I end up meeting who is now my best friend and my wife, Kalyani?

When I think about all the things that had to happened, (in both of our lives) in order for us to meet and then to be such a strong connection that we were both able to recognized it was something that powerful… there is no possible way that I could ignore that there is bigger picture. Don’t you agree?

I can’t even imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t have my family with me every day as an inspiration and an strategic container to continue expanding my individual and our collective vision of what’s possible. Therefore I can’t even begin to imagine how devastating this is for any person or couple desperately seeking for answers in a world that doesn’t have them.

Radical Roldans

If you are interested in revealing your own Bigger Picture, and truly understand how to expand your perception of what you’re capable of in both in life & business for the greatest good of all humanity, animals and the planet?  That’s what I am passionate about!!!  

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